Sunday, July 6, 2014

7.6.2014: Deep Thoughts

Hi there!  One of my little projects in SL is being one of the assistants for The Men's Dept.  I am most happy here when I am busy and I spend a lot of time on location at The Men's Dept. on the days leading up to it's opening.  I am so happy to be part of a well run event that features items for men.  Everything here is original content plus discounted from it's normal price.  And lots of designers include items for feminine avatars, which I love!
Set up was kind of slow this month because of it falling during Canada Day and Independence Day...or it felt like that to me and I got a little stir crazy hanging out so that I could be helpful to someone or at least maybe nag somebody.  And I started to feel like this, like the girl with the empty dancecard or the only person on the planet not running around with sparklers.  And had way too much time to brood.
I've been around SL for many years now and I debate off and on whether it's time for me to depart.  I know all of my friends who are also "oldbies" are pretty jaded, too, but many of them continue to log on to create, blog, run events, etc.  Most of them "do" something in SL, though I wonder what keeps us here, complaining about lag and big body parts, while other people eventually move on.
I love Eden, my avatar.  She is my first avatar and has always been my favorite.  With the recent talk of SL "closing down" I wonder what will happen to poor Eden if it does actually happen. Will our avatars be waiting for us like waiting for an event to open or will they finally be free to be themselves? And now, with clothes just starting to get really good!

Photos taken at TMD at junk's lil booth.  The following items I'm wearing are featured at the July round of TMD:
Shirt: TonkTastic: Commando Sweater (for women):  Tonktastic is a new designer for TMD and is offering this fantastic fitted mesh shirt for women.  Each shirt contains a HUD so that you can change shirt textures as well as the patches on the arms.  You can even add a nameplate so that you can add your name or something funny.
Pants: Deadwool: Joad Pants - Desert: These pants were made for men but I am wearing them in the same size as I do mesh item's for women.  They are sublimely made, as is anything that comes from Deadwool.
Shoes: Milk Motion: Double-Strapped Sandals - Marie Lauridsen of Milk is offering these fabulous sandals for both men's and women's Slink Bare feet. You get to chose from 15 different textures, patterns and solids, and they are as comfortable as my RL sandals, ftw.
Bag: Le Primatif: Chameleon Bag: available in both male and female avatar sizes and is also re-sizable; includes 4 versions (rigged/unrigged) and with and w/o bottle.
Furniture: junk: Old School set - tubed chair (PG), bench (PG or A) and Cabinet - sold separately
Hair: Truth: Blythe - New Release!
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia: Artic - 06 - available at Summerfest

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