Thursday, July 24, 2014

7.24.14: LOTD

Thou shall not whine about how busy RL is and how the weather is unseasonably cool, i.e. not like living in a swamp, that makes me want to get out the edger and tend to my yard and go to yardsales and rootbeer stands and the old Dairy Queen or fall asleep on the porch swing while reading a book.  Or spend time with my 17-year-old son who in a year will definitely not want to "hang" with his mom.  These are all verboten!

But on the SL side I love "stuff", and there is absolutely no shortage of crazy good work out there right now. I love shopping in SL to the point that often I just buy it and don't get around to opening boxes (which I hate) but instead virtually hold it all close to me and smile, sighing "mine...".  When I actually open the packages I find marvelous things and have great fun styling ol' Eden. It all started with Lelutka's marvelous Francine hair, recently released at Hair Fair 2014, which is loosely swept up and held together with a flower ornament (which is of course texture change).  I about died when I saw *LpD*s precious Serena set at The Chapter 4.  It took me probably 15 minutes to decide which look to get; the texture options are not just easy recolors of the same fabric but each uses strikingly different choices for 3 distinct looks. tea.s' Shark Bait Bag that was featured in June at Summerfest '14 is probably one of my most treasured possessions and I kept it fair and feminine with Glam Affair's Cassia - Pink Rose that was a complete steal last week for 50 Linden Fridays.  Good times!

Hair: Lelutka: Francine - Sweeden: new release for Hair Fair 2014
Outfit: *LpD*: Serena Top & Skirt Pink - Flowers: available at The Chapter 4
Skin: Glam Affair: Cassia - Pink Rose Arctic
Bag: tea.s: Shark Bait Bag - mint
Pose: Le Poppycock: from Afterglow A: available at The Chapter 4

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