Friday, June 6, 2014

While strollin' through the fair one day.....

While I was doing some shopping at Fashion for Life, I ran into Bastchild Lotus & Paul Lapointe, setting up their booth. I've always loved their store, but I'd never had the pleasure of actually meeting them in person. As it turns out, they are two of the most pleasant, down to earth people you could ever hope to meet! (not to mention generous! If ya'll are reading this, thanks again for the stuffs! ;p) Anyway, after chatting with them and Isobel (their lovely wedding specialist) for a bit, I went on my way so they could get back to work. A few sims later, I hear someone say HI FALLACY! Whatdoyaknow - they decided to take a stroll through the event. While we were chatting, Paul notices a horse ride outside of a booth. What happened after was definitely worth documenting. (Photos and chat logs posted with their permission. The logs were edited for length though, cause we stood there laughing for quite a while. heh)

BastChild Lotus: OMG
BastChild Lotus: that's just wrong Paul
Fallacy DeCuir: i took blackmail shots, if yer interested *snicker*
Isobel Belfire: Thank you Fallacy for thinking like I do! :D
Fallacy DeCuir: dont worry Paul, i'll only embarrass you if Bast tells me to *gigglez*
BastChild Lotus: OOOh.. do IT.. DO it!
Paul Lapointe: is this legal
Paul Lapointe: didnt even buy the horse dinner
BastChild Lotus: at least it's NOT dinner
Paul Lapointe: does my butt look big on this
BastChild Lotus: I'm just dying here.. this is so nuts!
Isobel Belfire: Me toooo
Paul Lapointe: now this one is just not right
Paul Lapointe: this will hurt in the morning
Isobel Belfire: Yeah it's gonna be your turn for the chiropractor tomorrow, Paul!

I'd definitely have to say that this was one of the most .....memorable shopping trips I've been on.

Until next time! ^.^

Skin: Center Ville Maison - Aimi (Tea) - FFL Exclusive!
Shirt: Nya's Shop - Gypsie tank top Pattern FatPack - FFL Exclusive!
Pants: LaPointe & Bastchild - "FFL Capri" Pants - Denim - FFL Exclusive!
Shoes: SYSY's Shoes Sunny Sandal SLink addon - FATPACK - FFL Exclusive!
Hair: .:EMO-tions.. *SUSANNAH * -naturals pack - Fashion for Life
Necklace: .::Distorted Dreams::. Rain Jewelry Set w/ materials - FFL Exclusive!
Bracelet: Opal *Kalan Green Bracelet - FFL Exclusive!
Eyes: Ikon Eyes - Lucid - Oxidation
Hands & Feet: Slink Casual Hands / Flat Feet

Poses: *~*HopScotch*~* They call me the wanderer - FFL Exclusive!
** Never to be sold again after FFL! They are completely exclusive to the event. 

Location: Fashion for Life 2014

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  1. What a beautiful post, beautiful photos that you simply made ​​me delighted! Thank you for your wonderful work! The Aimi this simply divine here! Luy ( Center Ville)