Monday, June 4, 2012

Happy Birthday, CHIC!

Wow! I find it hard to believe that CHIC Management has turned two years old!  I was looking at the CHIC website and they have held at least 18 events during that time, not counting the number of weekly Fashionably Late events.  Black and Blue was the first event and I remember that event.  The location was pretty small and how they have grown!  Culture Shock, which just ended was a huge event.  Chic2, began yesterday, and is back to a more intimate setting, though the number of brands represented is similar.  Each brand has been asked to create one new and exclusive (for the duration of the event) item.  The event is mesh-central and every CHIC2 item I am wearing today is mesh.  Just amazing to think mesh has only been around less than a year and how it has changed our buying habits.

Let me talk a bit about the items.  I've been trying to write this post all weekend and it was a total wash.  coldLogic has created the adorable Moody dress for CHIC2.  It comes in 3 different colors that each have their own cute print. They are perfect little summer dresses that you can dress up with a jacket or accessories of your choice.  You can see above so much attention has been given to detail.  The seaming is perfect, as are the shadows and shape. 
Bebe is a new, youthful skin line from Apple May Designs that right now you can only get at Chic2.  The Soho version has subtle shadow and lip tone.  I did pop on Rozena's Kiss Kiss lip color in Bubble Gum, also available at Chic2, for a bit more color and it complemented nicely.  I've not been shy about my love of Wasabi Pills mesh and MissAllSunday Lemon has revised her Anais hair from a pulled back style to a long style in Anais 2.  As she always does with long styles, she has included both a "boobs" and regular version so that more endowed avatars don't lose their hair to their bodies. I like the "boobs" versions when I am wearing several prim layers on top, as well.
In addition to lots of wearable items there is a nice selection of decor and pose items at the event.  The poses I am using are from estetica's Chic pose set made especially for the event. Trompe Loeil has remade their topiaries into a mesh version.  The pack at the event includes several styles and can be switched from a daytime version to an evening version with twinkling lights. A planter is included in the package so you can stick them in the ground or get fancy.  What Next is offering the sweet Hampton Garden set in 3 color choices.  The sets are entirely mesh and include a coalesced set with table and four padded chairs.  A non-cushioned version is also included.  The chairs have about a billion poses for both genders and rezzes or gives you a variety of items such as a computer, brunch, magazine, pen, drinks, phone, etc.  

CHIC2 runs from June 3 through the 24th.  The venue is set up in the round, similar to The Colosseum, with 3 tiers of booths.  I would suggest you simple move from the landing point and find a good place to cam.  It's a lot to take in and the selection is tremendous to have fun, go back more than once because I can guarantee you will miss something!  TP


(at CHIC2)
Dress: coldLogic: Moody Dress - Sage Blossom
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Anais 2 mesh hair - Rye
Skin: (AMD) Bebe - Pale Soho 3
Lips: Rozena: Kiss Kiss - Bubblegum
Topiaries: Trompe Loeil: Mesh Topiaries 6 pack
Furniture: {what next}: Hampton Garden Set - Yellow
Animations: Estetica: Chic

Shoes: Baby Monkey: Cache
Deck: Funky*Junk: Summertime Dock - from Home Expo 2012
Birthday Cake and Hat: RC Cluster

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