Monday, November 24, 2014

Is There Still Hope?

My husband, who was the sweetest man in the world, loved birds of prey.  He always said they were so interesting and smart. He died suddenly a few years ago in November and so when I see these birds I always smile a bit as if he is sending me a message (as well as hope they don't catch any little cuties).  Consider it just a bit of my strangeness. The November round of Genre is post apocalyptic not really getting down with happy holidays, but Genre has never claimed to be mainstream.  Bliensen + MaiTai is a regular participant in the event and Plurabelle Laszlo has created a Bottle Cap mask and necklace for the event.  I first remember Bleinsen + MaiTai for a free Bottle Cap necklace in the store about a zillion years ago when I was blogging for Free*Style.  It was with that necklace that I started to love her work so I feel it is only natural that I don the new edgier set.  The necklace comes in versions for both men and women and the mask is not rigged, so I don't see why it could not be worn by a male face with a bit of improvisation.
Ison's outfit for this month's Collabor88, really fit for the look I was going for.  The bandage top is modern and deconstructed and the back details are glorious.  The side lace pants are pretty darn sweet themselves, with really outstanding work on the side details. Wasabi Pills adorable Kokoro hair for the Xiasumi Festival, which runs until the end of this month, is really quite exquisite and added enough sweetness to not leave my look seeming too harsh.

Mask + Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai: Bottle Cap Mask / Necklace (f): currently available at Genre
Shirt: ISON: Bandage Back Top - olive: currently available at Collabor88
Pants: ISON: Side Lace Pants - taupe: currently available at Collabor88
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kokoro: currently available at Xiasumi Festival
Skin: Essences: LouLou {TDRF} pale01: I picked it up last week at TDRF, it not there try store
Eye Makeup: Wicked Peach: Winter Harvest Makeup 06: currently available at The Liaison Collaborative
Pose: Axix: from the Lady Crow set (includes crows): caw caw

taken at The Wastelands

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