Thursday, November 20, 2014

21Shoe: Sneak Peek for November 21

I have been completely crashtastic for the last couple of week so no fanceh photos today, but I think the news is more important than the photo in this case! 21Shoe is back in a big way! If you are unfamiliar with 21Shoe it's essentially a one day event, occurring on the 21st of each month, where a slew of shoe designers offer a 2 for 1 deal on shoes.  In the past these shoes were only been available on that particular day, but the rule has been expanded to where the shoe must be either new or exclusive.  Other than that there are really no limits, though you may find that many of the shoes are for Slink Mesh Feet or for one of the newer mesh bodies. However, that may not always be the case so be sure to check the specification for each shoe.  For a quick peak at tomorrow's shoes check out the 21Shoe Blog!  I am always excited on "21 day" and can't wait to indulge my shoe passion tomorrow!
Also, 21Shoe is what is termed a floating event in that there is not one specific location for the event and takes place at each participating designer's main store.  I am happy to show you the shoes that will be available from some of my favorite designers.  On top, are Suzette Heels from Ingenue.  For the price of one shoe you get both the lipstick and teal colors and these are made for Slink Medium Mesh Feet and Belleza's mesh body.  Below are from Bliensen + MaiTai, which is offering two different shoes for the price of one: Cerise Heels in Houndstooth for Slink Medium Mesh Feet and include both rigged and unrigged versions as well as Strapped Heels for Slink High Mesh Feet and also include both rigged and unrigged versions.

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