Friday, August 8, 2014

8.8.2104 Late Summer Getaway

Summer is starting to wind down up north where I live. I notice the sun setting sooner an though we did not get a hot summer this year, the nights are definitely crisper. Summer means tourists on Lake Michigan, but even us locals are getting out for a weekend getaway before school starts and the water turns cold. Probably next weekend will actually be my getaway weekend to go up north and poke through shops looking for their clearance items :) and eating ice cream (or smoked fish, if you prefer).

The look here (if you aren't a tourist) is casual but upscale. We are a land of boaters and cottagers and if I could drag an outfit from SL for the weekend it would be this.  Pixicat, one of my new favorite brands, released the precious Key Top as one of the purchases for Enchantment that includes a "stamp card".  The premise is more or less this: instead of shopping in one place like most events, you purchase at least one "Enchantment" item from one of 20 merchants.  Then you must go to each merchant and find the stamp machine (which is adorably made by Anya Ohmai) and touch it wearing your stamp card(s).  I bought more than one item and wore all my cards at once and they all stamped at the same time.  Once your card is filled you go to the Enchantment area and pick out one prize per card.  The comfy Pine shorts are from LpD and are available in 5 colors for a steal at The Courtier's Docks.

The super roomy getaway bag is a new release from Ison that you can pick up at the new Uber event through the month of August.  It has a monthly theme and this month is Vacation.  The Maleese Striped Bag is available in 7 colors and each includes 2 hand attachments.  I particularly love Wasabi Pill's Nana hair that was recently released at Hair Fair.
Do you all remember Cupcakes - the fab store that made their own skin and clothing line?  Mimi Coral, who was the original Cupcake with her shop <3 Cupcakes was a long time favorite of mine (the dresses were adorb!), and she is back with a new store called Flounce.  As before, her skin is completely handmade and she has released several new lines.  Each line contains tat layers for lip colors, freckles, beauty marks, blush, etc. as well as various brow and cleavage options.  They are all very reasonably priced as are the appliers, sold separately but at prices cheaper than a gacha.  She even has a sign in her store that says "Is your favorite applier missing? IM Mimi Coral and I will make it for you!" Talk about Customer Service! Mimi is one in a million.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Nana - Rye
Skin: Flounce: Lana - Creme - Retro
Shirt: Pixicat: Key Shirt - Blue(s)
Shorts: LpD: Pine Shorts - White: still available at The Courtier's Docks
Bag: Ison: Maleese Summer Striped Bag (right hand) - Sea: avaialable at Uber in August
Shoes: Pure Poison: Floralia Wedges - Nude & Green

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