Monday, August 11, 2014

8.12.14: Never a Saint

When I die, they might say "she was a nice lady" but I will not be on anyone's short-list for sainthood, but it's fun to play one in SL.  I got a notice from May's Soul for her new Ave Maria crown that is now available at We <3 Role-Play and ended up looking around and spending a small fortune!  I am not involved in RP in SL; I am swamped working on events and attempting to not stink at blogging, but I like the idea of it as well as the chance to let go of my usual boundaries.  So shut up, Eden, the crown includes 4 lovely rose headpieces but I liked the edgier look of the plain crown for this look.  While I was spending L's I stumbled on the Favi gown from The Library.  I have few reasons to wear a gown in SL but this one was so slinky and sexy while covering up those parts I would rather not show off when I am out (PRUDE!) and I so love the collar and beaded effect.  Bliensen + MaiTai has the awesome Fenrir jewelry set at the event.  I thought Fenrir was just the character in Harry Potter but since you asked is from Norse mythology and is just a terrible-horrible wolf.  

I was absolutely flabbergasted that when I went to Glam Affair today with no hope of getting the limited edition Rose skins in Pearl tone that are on Flash Sale right now for only L$ 250 and includes different brow colors and such as I trust Aida Ewing to do but sit down, appliers for Slink (hands,feet,physique), Lolas and Phat-Azz and found lots were still available!  If you do not get at least one of the 4 versions, I just do not know how to help you!  The skin is pale, pale, which I think Aida does so well and appliers, too!  I'm surprised that just the bloggers in SL did not crash that sim trying to get one.  You need.  And Wasabi Pills, makes the Rye tone of blonde that is perfect with really fair skins. I adore her new release Joan, for the August round of the new Uber event.

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Joan - Rye: new release available at August round of Uber
Skin: Glam Affair: Rose - Pearl 04A: Limited Edition Flash Sale item at Glam Affair - RUN
Crown: May's Soul: Ave Maria: available at We <3 Role-Play
Gown: The Library: Favi - Blue: available at We <3 Role-Play
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai: Fenrir earrings: available at We <3 Role-Play
Poses: Musa: from Fantasy Pose set 071-080 (awesome set!): available at We <3 Role-Play

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