Sunday, March 23, 2014

A day in the life of Fallacy

First off, HI! I'm very honored that Eden has been so gracious as to allow me to blog here with her! *hugs Eden* I love her to pieces, and I really hope I do her blog justice! :D

For my first post, I though I would do a little comic strip, of sorts, to show off my find of the century! Anybody that knows me, knows my luck with gacha machines. They are evil things, that I firmly believe house magical trolls who have some sort of deal going with karma, and leprechauns. Neither, of which, like me - apparently. Anybody who's played those blasted machines know full well how difficult it is to get the particular item you want (unless you're in good with the leprechauns), and if you want the rare, well ......yeah. So, on a routine shopping trip the other day, I visited the "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair", where I found the BEST POSE SET EVER CREATED! It's from NanTra, and it's called "Gimme my *%&*$! Rare". I've never met the creator, but when I saw that, I wanted to tacklehug her, and possibly give her a foot rub. She completely captured the entire gacha experience with 1 pose series. So, behold! "A day in the life of Fallacy".

This, ladies & gentlemen, pretty much sums up my gacha trips.

I did manage to get a few items that I wanted - one, of which, will be pictured below. A totally cute necklace, from Cute Poison. But even if I wouldn't of gotten anything else the entire day, those poses DEFINITELY made it worth the trip! :D
So, on that note, I will end my first official post here on Knoller, with my look of the day. See you next time! ^.^

Skin: Essences - Emma *lait* blonde at Skin Fair 2014!
Eyeshadow: .Pekka. KATHYA V2 Eyes Make Up (baby blue) 
Shirt: Emery Crop Top Allie 01 - at My Attic in March!
Pants: coldLogic pants - odea.coral
Shoes: _CandyDoll_ Newell Heels Brown
Necklace: Cute Poison - Tagged Necklace (Gamer) at "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair"
Hair: MINA Hair - Nikky - Light blond
Poses: {NanTra} Gimme my *%&*$! Rare Poses at "Luck of the Irish Gacha Fair"

Shape, and tattoo: My own.

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