Thursday, January 16, 2014

1.16.14: The Theme Park, Pt. 1

First off, mea culpa for my absence.  My son has been out of school more days than not and has totally put a damper on my routine. Now, the dearest Lucie Bluebird-Lexington has resurrected the event, The Theme Park, that some of the oldbies might recall.  The Theme Park is a monthly event beginning on the 15th of each month and running for 3 weeks thereafter.  This event is not a discount event per se but nothing was overpriced either. Every month the theme changes and it kicks off with "Vintage Romance" and I am showing my favorite decor items from this month's offering.  More detail about the items can be found below in credits.

Credits: (left to right)
Dresser: Sari-Sari: Antique Drawer: very low prim mesh with a LI of 4.  The objects were uploaded together so this is perfect for the prim conscious.  Lovely, whitewashed shabby-chic decor!
Wall Panels: ~FCD~:  Vintage Bird Wall Decor - Blue: available in 3 colors. Little 1 LI decal for your wall
Bed: Kuro: Vintage Dreams Bed: available in both PG and Adult versions.  Delicate iron headboard
Table: Kuro: Drum Table - cute
Lamp: Kuro: Vintage Lamp
Dolls: (on bed and floor): Candy Crunchers: Dragon and Cat Rag Dolls - Coming Soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Rugs: not from The Theme Park - just old stuffs of mine

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