Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1.28.14: The Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Preview 1

It's been much hyped and it's time is nearly here.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens on February 1st and runs until February 28th.  
I am dumbfounded by the sheer amount of variety of items that you can win at the event.  I will admit I am not an RP'er.  I'm far too much of an introvert and loner, but as a person that appreciates good design I think the event will be enjoyable by the RP'er and fashionistas alike.  
Right now the number of high quality events is completely overwhelming.  I've been quite distracted by RL lately but need to talk about this amazing gothic arch display made by Atelier Visconti. The Aurora Elven Arches can currently be purchased at The Liaison Collaborative. The fountain, benches, flying buttress arch set and lighting are all rezzed separately giving you a lot of control over the scene. Even with everything it weighs in at less than 30 LI.  It's a dream.

Everything I'm wearing (sans hair, skin, eyes) will be available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I'm really in love with the Valkyrie dress that you can win in many rich colors from the gachas by Cellar Door.  I added the iron nipple rings from the Fae Jewelry Sets from Sam Shepherd Designs.  There are a variety of metals and items (circlets, belts, earrings, etc) that will be fun to collect.  The crown by ieQED is a marvel.  The one I am wearing is the rare golden Stag crown. There are 3 different types of crowns, all original mesh and material enabled, available in copper, obsidian and silver as well as one perfect ultra-rare Stag crown in pitch for the most regal of rulers. Lastly, my armlets are from Meshed Up whose gacha includes armlets, boots, circlets and the rare collars in black, brown and sand. The detailing on them is quite lovely and I will have to use them again and provide a close up.

Do not miss this event!

From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Begins February 1
Dress: Cellar Door: Valkyrie in Vermillion
Nipple Covers: Sam Shepherd Designs: Iron
Armlets: Meshed Up: Brown
Crown: ieQED: Cache o' Crowns: Stag Gold Rare
From The Garden @ The Liaison Collaborative:
Arch et.al.: Atelier Visconti: Aurora Elven Arches
Skin: DeeTalz: Jarla Exclusive My Attic Nordic: available only @ My Attic for less than 100 L: insane!
Hair: point .b (Analog Dog): Tangled - Marsala

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