Monday, March 14, 2011

Fashion For Life: Mystic Sky

My dear friend, Skyler John, owner of Mystic Sky, is back for her second year at FFL.  This year she has 3 gorgeous items in her charity vendors.  Skyler makes gorgeous gowns, many of them perfect for medieval and fantasy RP.  All of these items are available at her store on the Arbus sim, which is sponsored by Evie's Closet and 100 % of the proceeds from these vendors benefit the American Cancer Society (ACS).

First off is my personal favorite, the Belladonna gown in Teal.  The Belladonna has a wonderful sculpted bustle and high lace collar.  It comes with a black collar but I could not help adding a modern flair with one of the amazing Cassandra neckpieces from the gacha from Purple Moon Designs.  All proceeds from the gachas at FFL also benefit the ACS so go indulge your addiction!
The Cherish Gown in Ruby is the second charity item offered by Mystic Sky.  What I love about her medieval gowns is I feel like I'm in an old Disney animated film, which was big stuff when I was a girl.  This gown has a perfectly textured braided belt and a rich cloak.  I didn't get a shot of the back but it dips in the back for a bit of extra sensuality.  Skyler is very sensitive to details like that in all her work.
The third charity offering for FFL is the adorable Loralee Fae in White.  Organic is the word I associate with this darling outfit.  It is not sparkly or fake but what I associate with what a real fairy might wear.  The leaf wings are animated to gently flutter and the skirt and top are held together by delicate metalwork.
Skyer also has a male outfit available as a FFL vender.  I completely forgot to get out my "Malt" to take photos so I will update soon with pictures.  It's very masculine and black and leathery.  Tomorrow, I promise!

All outfits: Mystic Sky at FFL: Arbus sim
Neckpiece: Purple Moon: Cassandra in Teal: Gacha on Ansel Adams sim
Skin: Dutch Touch: SteRRe
Hair: Truth: Jacinta

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