Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion For Life: Haven Designs

I love it when Delora Starbrook from Haven Designs makes dresses.  Delora is known for making sexylicious camisks and stuff but she is one heck of a dressmaker.  I love the crisp linen look of the Vintage  Dress that is just one of her charity offerings at Fashion for Life.  Fashion for Life is just 1.5 M Lindens away from their goal and the event runs thru Sunday.  All proceeds from donation vendors will be donated to the American Cancer Society so keep on shopping!

Getting back to the dress.  I love simple, clean looks and this dress is just right.  The lace and cut edging on the skirt are a lovely touch as is the ribbon belt.  I can have all kinds of fun with dresses like this, either wearing it like now with a simple set of pearls and a casual hairstyle like this one from Elikatira, which is also a FFL donation vendor, or play it up and pretend I'm a secretary on Mad Men hoping Don Draper will notice me.  Isn't that what dressing up on SL is all about?
Dress: Haven Designs: Vintage Dress - Antique - available at Haven on the Irving Penn sim, sponsored by LaPointe & Bastchilde.
Hair: Elikatira: Lasting - available at Elikatira on the Bourke White sim, also sponsored by Elikatira.
Necklace: Deco: Triple Strand Pearls
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Makeup: M.O.C.K.: Jungle Tiger Beat Makeover - group gift: OMG join this group.  Mocksoup Graves is a makeup making fiend! 

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