Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fashion For Life: Kouse's Sanctum

Fashion in SL is nearly an obsession to me.  Like my cat sitting in the windowsill soaking up the Spring air and the sounds of busy birds, I have an insatiable craving for the breadth of design in SL.  Though my personal taste tend to run towards midcentury modern and euro-style, Kouse Singh is at the top of my go-to list when I need to feel like a princess.  I've been collecting her gowns since I figured out how to chuck my system hair and get out of Orientation Island and her work just continues to get better and better.  Her releases for Fashion for Life are nothing less than sublime. These are her charity offerings for the event.  It is a fantastic chance for you to celebrate pure femininity while providing assistance to the American Cancer Society.
The Michelle gown is my personal favorite of Kouse's event offerings.  The minute I saw it I had a million questions for Kouse like; How did you decide on those textures?, and What made you decide to add the extra layer on the skirt? and OMG, that trim!  The pure genius that goes into those decisions are what keep me hooked on SL design.  I don't need to necessarily know the answer; rather I appreciate that there are people out there that can make this happen.
And the same brain and hands that make the gowns also makes the jewelry!  Someone needs to marry this woman even if she isn't already or at least move into her brain and see how it ticks.  I don't tend to think about Kouse's Sanctum when it comes to jewelry but I should, and you should too.  The Lilly set is  a masterpiece of tiny prims and wonderful textures.  The entire set includes 3 crowns, necklace, earrings and bracelet.
The Jocelyn Gown comes with a long skirt but I had to put on the shorter version and put on some Heidi hair and get ready to find some kids and take off for a picnic in the Alps.  It comes with two colors of apron.  It could not be sweeter.
The Faith gown reminds me of an Iris at the peak of it's bloom. The sculpted layers on the skirt makes it stand out from what I call "justa gown". The deep textures, lacing at the bust, scarf that flows down the back and arm "garters" (I'm blanking on the word) make this a complete piece.  IMO adding more accessories is unnecessary.

Please remember that all proceeds from these fantastic items benefits the American Cancer Society.  Over 3 Million has been already been donated and FFL continues through March 22. Help fight for the cause!
All Clothing and Jewelry from Kouse's Sanctum.  Kouse's is located on the Stieglitz sim, sponsored by House of RFyre.  The jewerly in the Jocelyn photo (Camilla Gold - Gem set) can be purchased along with all of Kouse's goods at her main store.
Elikatira: Blind 2 @ Bourke White at FFL or at her main store .
Discord Designs: Astrid
trico: New Year's Gift
Skin: LAQ: Tess2
Eyes: Glam Affair: Stella Eyes V2 - 14

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