Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jewelry Fair: U&R Dogs

I hope my computer isn't frying because this post literally taken me 2 days to do.  I'm the latest to fall victim to constant crashes, particularly when I am taking photos.  There is nothing as joy inducing as getting your settings correct, adjusting prims and crashing!

The Jewelry Fair runs until October 17th and is housed on 4 sims.  It is very easy to navigate and are themed from Beauty & the Beast.  The charity selected to benefit from this year's event is Oxfam, which is a collective of organizations that works towards ending poverty and injustice. Many venders have offered an exclusive item or a portion of all sales to benefit Oxfam. When I first TPed into Jewelry Fair the first booth I saw was U&R Dogs so it's only fitting they be my first Jewelry Fair post.

I've always loved U&R Dogs, particularly because they offer unique, high quality goods to people in all price ranges.  Dedication to all strata of purchasing continues with the new products available at the Fair.
I want to talk about the Smiley Set first because it requires a bit of legwork.  The Smiley singlet is available for only 50 L at the Fair.  There are matching earrings that are free and available at the mainstore.  U&R Dogs has a point system based on purchases, product camping, and joining the subscriber.  The earrings are available for 1 point.  If you've never joined their subscriber you get a point just for doing that.  This adorable set has all the features of higher priced products, including color options, brightness, etc.
I love the amazing textures of U&R's jewelry.  They have a luster that is unmistakable.  The Candide earrings an epic work of scripting with each element having its own placement and sizing script that is very intuitively organized on a touch menu.  The Zemphira nails include all the rings I'm modeling and the gloves are tintable to match your skin tone.  Amazingly the Villeneuve bracelet it only 1 L (!) and as you see there is no skimping on quality for their fair gift.
I'm not one to wear a ton of jewelry at once so I wanted to show you the Westphalia Lovelet in a separate shot.  Like the Candide earrings, it is also a scripting masterpiece.  Though it is difficult to see the tiny prims below my lips, this items has a musical theme that is one of the prevalent themes in U&R's work.

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