Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogger Challenge: The Letter E

Jacqueline Cliassi recently proposed a blogger challenge chain involving the letters of the alphabet.  My friend Sileny Noel recently did the letter D and asked me to pick up the  letter E.  I enthusiastically said yes, thinking I could just wear all the things in my inventory named Eden.  Then I thought about it and decided that was too easy so I made sure that nothing I used was called Eden.  Then I got sick as a dog so here tis a bit late.  Nieve Thor is going to pick up the letter F and I am looking forward to her post.

Cajsa Lilliehook frequently shares her great list of in-world photo locations with the Fashion Bloggers group and I was very intrigued with the black and white version of New Orleans.  I used this as the inspiration for the post.  I like to use photos when blogging that do not contain backgrounds added in photoshop because I prefer a cleaner look so this one was a sure bet.  
What I'm wearing (head to toe):
Shape: Eden's shape: OK, I cheated and used my own shape
Hair: Exile: Bianca: Dark Brass
Skin: tres blah: Echo (from DU4)
Earrings/Necklace: Lazrith Fardel: Emerald Elven Jewelry set
Bracelet: Elizabeth Tinley (ET): Goblins on Parade: from Pieces of You Hunt: Sometimes she uses Frippery instead of ET but I like her stuff too much not to include it.
Gun: El'n: Frog Blaster - OMG this fabulous store is closing! Get over there now!
Nails: Exodi: Mani - Nude
Dress: Elate!: Sam Dress
Stockings: Elate: Lillie Tights Opaque: from Lillie outfit: OK, I tried not to repeat a designer but I'm still sick and got so tired of looking through my stockings!
Boots: J's: Engineer Long Boots: Black

The obligatory close-up shot: 
Thanks to Jacqueline for a fun challenge and to Sileny for entrusting me with the assignment <3

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