Monday, October 11, 2010

Jewelry Fair: Ripe

Hempy Weezles of Ripe is one of my dearest friends in SL and I am beyond excited to show her offerings for this year's Jewelry Fair.  Hempy is developing into an extremely talented jewelry creator and it's been my honor to watch her talent bloom over time.  In my opinion, Ripe's designs are some of the freshest items at Jewelry Fair and are very reasonably priced to boot.  I could fangirl all day but will desist and get on with the pictures.
The Elegant Raven Skull items scream drama!  I've worn these over and over and they never fail to draw attention.  The skull pin is her amazing dollarbie offering for the fair.  The skulls are offered with 3 different color options and are a steal.
I was with Hempy when she was working on the Beautiful Macabre Set and I am thrilled with how they turned out.  She offers this set in more colors than a candy store.  I am wearing the crimson set that if Ripe's offering for Oxfam.  There are also some fantastic petite top hats to accompany this set but I forgot to show them as I was digging this look with Helena Stringer's hair. <3
Hempy also does more "traditional" work as featured in the Old School Romance set.  This set is available in 4 different metal textures.  It also features bracelets, which I didn't show here.

Ripe is located at The Jewelry Fair on Sim 1.  Everyone enters at a central landing point, but if memory serves me correctly if you head left and snake your way counterclockwise you should be able to find it. Thank you, dear Hempy, for sharing your talents with us!

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