Saturday, October 16, 2010

Jewelry Fair: Ellabella

Jewelry Fair ends tomorrow so don't let it end without a visit.  I hope to get a few more photo sets done because there is such a wide range of great work featured.  Ellabella does my favorite piercing work, particularly because the designer, ellantha Larsson, takes extra care with such details as shadowing.  That her work is very reasonably priced is an additional bonus.  Ellabella is located on Sim 1.
Benediction is my favorite of her new pieces, not because I am a particularly religious person but growing up the as one of the few WASP-y girls in a Catholic neighborhood, I've always had a fascination with religious iconography and occurrences such as stigmata.
Going Batty is perfect for your inner ghoul that comes out during this month for us in the States and Beauty's Captivity, shown below is quite unique with its subtle use of pinks, blues and greens instead of the sliver makes it very special indeed.  The charm is the tiniest, tiniest rose.
Thank you, my darling ellantha, for sharing your talents with us.  Your prims make me very happy!

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  1. awwww loved the bat eyesDDD this skin or layer is amazing!!!!
    very nice post!