Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair Fair: Last Call

Hair fair ends on September 19th and I still need to get down there and finish shopping!  Fair warning right from the start.. this is a long post and let's pray the feeds abbreviate it.  Today's post is going to show some of my favorite styles from the fair.  I own thousands of wigs so this year I was drawn to styles that would round out my collection.  The hair slurls will be for the location of each shop at the fair.
Curio: Louise - awesome bob with just the right angles!
The Strand: Blossom: This hair is so freaking fantastic I might just marry it.
Wasabi Pills: Trent: it's dood hair. Do I care? Nooo!  What is there not to love?
The U-neek: 4defcb9:  I love Treebie!  She is one of a kind and I can only imagine how much time this hair took to make.
MIEL: Mojito: I was sorely lacking in short and hair is super straight in RL so I probably tend to wear the same thing in SL...but it's time to change it up!
Mina: Thulani: freaking amazing.  Hair band is texture changing. Sasha.  I always love for it's class and versatility.  The texture changing headband makes it rock.
Milestone Creations: Mad Hatter: Miranda, you really outdid yourself this year.  Eve did a post with a bunch of your hair already but I <3'ed this one too much to leave it out.
Exile: Venus: Great take on Bottichelli's painting!  I need a big shell to stand on so I can take pictures!
BC322: CxC2: always love some BC322!
Ivanka Akina: Magic Hair no. 23: Just because you are last does not mean I don't adore you!  I mean, who doesn't want to look like Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren? The hair has 24 tones scripted as well as roses in the hair that are also scripted to show or remove.

Credits:  The other items were also used in the post
Skin: Atomic: Audri Cream: Vixen
Dress: Paper Couture: Gold Nests: just out. I about passed out from joy.
Jewelry: Deco
Skin Tint (U-neek photo): Adam n Eve: Colour Me Passion Pink

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  1. Love the hairs, I got some of the same ones at HF this year...but the eyes, the eyes...where are they from?