Thursday, January 30, 2014

1.30.14 Feat. Enfant Terrible, an lar, Beetlebones & DetTaleZ

Hi! It's almost here! The Fantasy Gacha Carnival begins on February 1st and the event is HUGE. I would guess that the event is at least twice as large as last time.  It includes lots of designers who's work I already admired as well as some new ones.  I have had some interest in enfante terrible and was very excited to show some of her works for the Carnival.  Her Midsommer Dream set is pure enchantment and includes horns, flowerbands, bracelets, necklaces and staffs.  The Ultra Rare staff has a lantern that has scripted fireflies. The pose is from an lar from her enforcer set at the fest. All poses include a gun but I thought it might conflict in this case with gentle image in the scene :)  I borrowed the new Little Red Mini from Beetlebones that will be available at Enchantment and the skin is a complete steal from DeTaleZ at My Attic which should be wrapping up soon.
Accessories: Enfant Terrible: includes horns, flowerband pastel (rare), apple bracelet, horn necklace and silver staff (ultra rare) available beginning February 1 at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Dress: Beetlebones: Little Red Mini Dress - white: available soon at Enchantment
Skin: DeTaleZ: Jarla My Attic Exclusive - Nordic: available at My Attic
Hands / Feet : Slink
Skin Appliers: DeTalez: Appliers Delicious Skins
Hair: LeLutka: Josephine
Pose: an lar: Enforcer One: available soon at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

1.28.14: The Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Preview 1

It's been much hyped and it's time is nearly here.  The Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens on February 1st and runs until February 28th.  
I am dumbfounded by the sheer amount of variety of items that you can win at the event.  I will admit I am not an RP'er.  I'm far too much of an introvert and loner, but as a person that appreciates good design I think the event will be enjoyable by the RP'er and fashionistas alike.  
Right now the number of high quality events is completely overwhelming.  I've been quite distracted by RL lately but need to talk about this amazing gothic arch display made by Atelier Visconti. The Aurora Elven Arches can currently be purchased at The Liaison Collaborative. The fountain, benches, flying buttress arch set and lighting are all rezzed separately giving you a lot of control over the scene. Even with everything it weighs in at less than 30 LI.  It's a dream.

Everything I'm wearing (sans hair, skin, eyes) will be available at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival. I'm really in love with the Valkyrie dress that you can win in many rich colors from the gachas by Cellar Door.  I added the iron nipple rings from the Fae Jewelry Sets from Sam Shepherd Designs.  There are a variety of metals and items (circlets, belts, earrings, etc) that will be fun to collect.  The crown by ieQED is a marvel.  The one I am wearing is the rare golden Stag crown. There are 3 different types of crowns, all original mesh and material enabled, available in copper, obsidian and silver as well as one perfect ultra-rare Stag crown in pitch for the most regal of rulers. Lastly, my armlets are from Meshed Up whose gacha includes armlets, boots, circlets and the rare collars in black, brown and sand. The detailing on them is quite lovely and I will have to use them again and provide a close up.

Do not miss this event!

From The Fantasy Gacha Carnival: Begins February 1
Dress: Cellar Door: Valkyrie in Vermillion
Nipple Covers: Sam Shepherd Designs: Iron
Armlets: Meshed Up: Brown
Crown: ieQED: Cache o' Crowns: Stag Gold Rare
From The Garden @ The Liaison Collaborative:
Arch Atelier Visconti: Aurora Elven Arches
Skin: DeeTalz: Jarla Exclusive My Attic Nordic: available only @ My Attic for less than 100 L: insane!
Hair: point .b (Analog Dog): Tangled - Marsala

Friday, January 17, 2014

1.17.14 The Theme Park II

Hi there! Most of the items I am wearing can be found exclusively right now at The Theme Park.
Coquet is offering the Vintage Glamour dress in three colors. With it I am wearing tea.s' Love Me Not necklace and The Wicked Peach's darling White Corset nails for Slink hands (includes 6 colors).  There is also a dark set and both packs include appliers for both hands and feet.  All of my poses are from an lar's Like a Lady set.  Being a blogger herself, I've noticed that an lar's creator Katya Valeska knows a lot about body position and her poses are well crafted.
Though not from The Theme Park, I wanted to do a close up of Wasabi Pills new Emily hair for FaMESHed and one of Glam Affair's new Mokatana skins for Collabor88. Wasabi has added some new textures to the HUD for hair decorations and the hair is so retro and glammy and a perfect partner to The Theme Park's Vintage Romance lineup this month.  Glam Affair, which I cannot seem to stop myself from purchasing more, has some new makeup's for the Mokatana line. Love the subtle pink tones in this one and the skins include facial moles, lip glosses as well as the standard eyebrow tones and arch varieties.
ieQED made some amazing mules for The Theme Park.  Again, my complete fail at photo sizing affects the puffs on the mules.  The shoes are 100% original mesh, which includes the very cool puff, which is something I've not seen attempted in mesh before.  They are available in 3 colors and more coming soon, which is a threat to the creator, Sigifaust Resident.
Senfazine is offering the Rosalie Vintage Dress.  It is floor length and available in 8 colors.

from The Theme Park
Dress: Coquet: Vintage Glamour
Jewelry: tea.s: Love me not necklace (earrings also available as well as various metals)
Nails: The Wicked Peach: White Corset (for Slink hands)
Shoes: ieQED: puff mules
Gown: Senfazine: Rosalie Vintage Dress
Poses: an lar: Like a Lady
Skin: Glam Affair: Monkatana 05: available at Collab88
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Emily: available at FaMESHed

Thursday, January 16, 2014

1.16.14: The Theme Park, Pt. 1

First off, mea culpa for my absence.  My son has been out of school more days than not and has totally put a damper on my routine. Now, the dearest Lucie Bluebird-Lexington has resurrected the event, The Theme Park, that some of the oldbies might recall.  The Theme Park is a monthly event beginning on the 15th of each month and running for 3 weeks thereafter.  This event is not a discount event per se but nothing was overpriced either. Every month the theme changes and it kicks off with "Vintage Romance" and I am showing my favorite decor items from this month's offering.  More detail about the items can be found below in credits.

Credits: (left to right)
Dresser: Sari-Sari: Antique Drawer: very low prim mesh with a LI of 4.  The objects were uploaded together so this is perfect for the prim conscious.  Lovely, whitewashed shabby-chic decor!
Wall Panels: ~FCD~:  Vintage Bird Wall Decor - Blue: available in 3 colors. Little 1 LI decal for your wall
Bed: Kuro: Vintage Dreams Bed: available in both PG and Adult versions.  Delicate iron headboard
Table: Kuro: Drum Table - cute
Lamp: Kuro: Vintage Lamp
Dolls: (on bed and floor): Candy Crunchers: Dragon and Cat Rag Dolls - Coming Soon to The Fantasy Gacha Carnival!!!
Rugs: not from The Theme Park - just old stuffs of mine