Wednesday, November 27, 2013


A few more of my favorite designers from Geeks'n'Nerds as well as Shoetopia.  Shoetopia ends in a few days and right now it really is shoe heaven.  The crowds are gone and you can shop in comfort.  It really is a wonderful showcase and the build is fantastic.  Slink is introducing their new Av Enhance High Feet and has included some new shoe releases as well.  This is a great foot for uber sexy shoes and I cannot wait to see what she will release next.  Two designers that have reappeared on the scene recently are Sienia Trevellion from Lark and Fae Eriksen from Fishy Strawberry.  I have been a follower of each for years and basically rush to get my hands on any new releases from each.  Super talented women who do not cut corners.
From Geeks'n'Nerds
Outfit: Fishy Strawberry: 3 wonderful separates - Bookworm Mesh Cardigan, Ivy League Tops and Freshman Skirts. Each comes in a wide choice of colors and tartans so you can mix and match.  Fatpacks are discounted which makes having to make hard decisions less painful
Glasses: ISON: Pegley Glasses - Tortoise
Furniture Set: Lark: Bird Nerd - quite a unique set of nerdworld are these folks!  My husband was a huge big bird fan.  You can purchase this set as a full set or if you prefer in 7 individual pieces.  Shadows have not been baked into the desk so it presents naturally.
Blocks: floorplan: Winter is Coming: fun accessory!
Handheld Game Console: c( TC ) : Yes, my favorite Pokemon are the Flying type. This little system comes in many colors and can be held or rezzed. It has a menu for a game as well as an animation that plays when you wear it
Pose: Elephante Poses: from the Dream Pack - includes wand and sparkly dust
From Shoetopia:
Slink: AvEnhance Feet Female High: Rigged Mesh in Standard Sizes. Easy to use and fully functional HUD for self tinting or skin and stocking appliers.
Boots: Slink Demi Boots - Chocolate: These are add-ons exclusively for the Slink HIGH feet.  Includes HUD to show or hide toecap.
Horsie: HANDverk: Carousel Horse: Ceramic Unicorn (rare) stretched and sized huge for a sneak preview for The Arcade December 2013!
This will be the last new release under the HANDverk brand, which has become ieQED.
Hair: LeLutka: Helen - Praline

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Geeks'n'Nerds: I Qualify

So, I've had fun thinking about what qualifies me as a geek or nerd.  I'm generally not one to overshare but I got to thinking about my obsession with gas pumps in SL.  If I see one, it must be mine.  In RL I'm not a car aficionado but there is just something about them that pleases me here.  Quite a few of my friends have asked"Eden, why do you have a gas pump in your house?" and I have no explanation they could understand.  It's just one of those things.
The Geeks'n'Nerds Fair is simply, fun.  It's lighthearted and makes me laugh at our human condition.  Plus the offerings are A++.  These are a few of my favorite finds!

From Geeks'n'Nerds:
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Maya: LOVE!
Shirtdress: Ison: Embossed Sweater: awesomely comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture of the blouse underneath!
Poses: Sari-Sari: I <3 Books: very clever and a darling set
From Shoetopia:
Boom: Fair Isle Wool Mukluks: Gacha Machine!
From My Attic:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy: Natasha II: It's Cold Outside!: Dood, Awesome skin that comes with every applier known to man for less than 100 L.  Love it, Ash <3
Turkey: *UI*: Wearable White Turkey: he talks but you can shut him up which makes his company much more agreeable.  My new bff.  Free in The Jerky Turkey Hunt: TY to Virtual Vagabond for the tip!!!
Gas Pumps: from the collection (left to right)
FMA: GAS POMP max: store now gone :(
Organica: Broken Gas Pump
BERDAV Marine: PRIMOIL Fuel Pump DIESEL: Free! TY again to Virtual Vagabond for satiating my fetish.
ILO: Gas Heater: from a gacha!
Vignette: 1920's Gas Pump: everything here is free!
POST: Rural Gas Tank

Sunday, November 24, 2013


Hey all.  I apologize for getting so behind on blogging; this has been one of the most trying weeks I've had in a long, long time on top of my continual struggles with my lame graphics card.  I now have strange objects, like big blue squares showing up in my photos, leaving me to take photo after photo until I finally get one without.  The two events at the top of my must-see list are Shoetopia 2013 and starting today, the Geeks'n'Nerds Fair.  Shoetopia is in it's second week and runs to November 30. Geeks'n'Nerds is a hugely fun event organized by Sash Arabello and Inka Mexicola that runs through December 7. It is full of witty, nerdy and goofy goodness.
I gave some thought to what qualifies me to blog stuff of nerdish character and my list is long.  For one, I am fairly oblivious to the "social" aspect of Second Life, preferring to adore people's creations and understanding their creative process.  In RL I am guilty of being a rabid fan of Pokemon and have been playing since the game was created.  I think that makes me more of a dweeb than a nerd :)

From Shoetopia:
GOS: Dita from the Bordello Collection: Nerds can be incredibly sexy. Premiering at Shoetopia.
From Geeks'n'Nerds:
Dress: Orion: Sash Dress - Argyle.  Perfectly preppy yet body hugging.
Glasses: 22769: Nerd Glasses - repaired: everyone needs them.  I've been looking for a good replacement for my old textured ones forever!
Nerd set: Collage: literally! awesome detailing and shading
Shelf: Collage: Flower Power Shelf: Here we go!
Rugs: Collage: 8 Bit Ruglets - adorable
Pose: photo 1: Double Take: from the Neon pose set: ossum action poses!
Cabinet: junk: Milo Cabinet - Dotty
Chair: Di's Opera: Seated  - Mus: in-store gacha.  <3!
Hair: LeLutka: Serena
Ring: ieQED: araw ring - red: large set of special colors of red or blue currently available at Typhoon Haiyan Fundraiser

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shoetopia 2013: Let's Talk about Shoes!

OMG, It's almost here and I am so excited.  I have been dreaming of shoes for months now as one of the committee members of Shoetopia 2013 and I can promise that you will not be disappointed. It's been a few years since we've had a shoe fair of this proportions and so much has changed. Mesh was in it's infancy, Slink feet were in their 1st generation and none of us tossed around the words "applier" and "add-on" like we do these days, we had not been blessed with Gos' genius skin matching and color+ systems.  Shoetopia is going to spoil and thrill you.

I'm not going to go into a huge description of the event as photos and maps are on the offiicial Shoetopia 2013 blog, so let me give you the skinny:  Shoetopia is composed of 2 sims (both equally amazing).   The layout is in a circle with landing point in the middle as well as sponsor stores. To the left and right of the landing point are gacha machines that are full of tons of things from a variety of top designers. On the edges of the circle are all the other shoe booths.  The two sims connect by a walkway.

The adorable T-straps are a new release from League and are made for Slink Medium Feet.  Incidentally, they can be sized down to fix your SL feet but the fit will not be perfect.  They also include a hud to change the metal textures.  I'm also showing a few of the gacha items from Shoetopia and darling new releases from coldLogic and Wasabi Pills.

Shoes: League: Vintage T-Bar Pumps for Slink Medium Feet: New Release for Shoetopia
Chairs: junk.: juju chair sample: gacha items at Shoetopia (the chairs do not have all the same poses!)
Dress: coldLogic: Golding Coat: New Release (includes optional shirt and skirt layers)
Stockings: Miamai: Ombre Stockings: gacha item at Shoetopia (Slink appliers included)
Nails: MaVie: LesVernis nail appliers: gacha item at Shoetopia (items for both hands and feet)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Mila Hair: New Release

Monday, November 11, 2013

Serious Moonlight

If you say run, I'll run with you
If you say hide, we'll hide
Because my love for you
Would break my heart in two

I was yearning to create a quiet, romantic scene ever since I saw Trompe Loeil's Skarstind Patio, that is included as part of this massive cottage pack which is at Collabor88 right now for a ridiculously low price.  It includes the world, so no debate on this buy.  I've decorated it with a collection of items from Collabor88, The Men's Department, We <3 Role-Play and a few old favorites.  Details and locations in Credits.  PS. I miss you, honey.

Patio: Trompe Loeil: Skarstind Patio: currently available @ Collabor88 as part of the Skarstind Modular Cottage Pack
Chair (front left): Trompe Loeil: Industrial Lounger: currently available @ Collabor88 in a pack of 15 colours
Chest (left): Culprit: Old Chest Crackle: currently available at The Men's Department
Candle: Funky Junk
Lillies: POST
Chair: (rear left): .encore. President's Chair: currently available at The Men's Department
Bust: Culprit: Dragon with the Girl Tattoo: currently available at The Men's Department
Backpack: Zenith: Rammus Leather Backpack Open: currently available at The Men's Department
Speakers: floorplan.: drive-in speakers: currently available at The Men's Department
Screen: POST: Prouve Dressing Screen
Daybed: 11th Hour: Noir Daybed - Adult: currently available at The Men's Department
Tea Set: Two Cats One Cup: Tilting Tea Server - Pumpkin: available at We <3 Role-Play
Lighting: Trompe Loeil: Industrial Chandelier Tall: currently available @ Collabor88
Rug: *MMG: Mesh Rug [A-#2]: I think it was free or super cheap!

Friday, November 8, 2013


New events! New stuff! The competition for your Lindens is so fierce these days.  I should just purge my inventory every six months because it just keeps getting better. 

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Rene - Rye: New Release currently at FaMESHED
Paudrons: ieQED: Dragon Paudron - Platinum Black: New Release currently discounted at We <3 Role-Play (available in 4 metals w/solid & contrasting versions)
Dress: !RAWR.R: Vintage Belle - White: Exclusive Subscriber Gift (3 colors included) This is the new brand for DahliaJames GossipGirl who owned Doux Couture - so nice to see you back!
Boots: Beetlebones: Fowler Laced-Up Boots - Bone: New Release currently at Collabor88

Monday, November 4, 2013


You hang around the internet for too long and it happens to you...or are you the perp? New starting tomorrow at The Men's Department, ieQED offers Real Eyes realize Real Lies in chain or ring version in different metals at a discount so significant that they are easy to gift to your favorite impostor.  ieQED is a kind of new brand; Daphne Klossovsky of HANDverk has re-branded into ieQED and is using a different avatar for the brand, but those of you that have followed HANDverk can continue to rely on the same exceptional quality and originality with ieQED.

Also debuting at The Men's Department are S O R G O's new IDGAF glasses in wood or golds.

Neckchain: ieQED: Real Eyes realize Real Lies: new release available this month @ The Men's Dept.
Glasses: SORGO: IDGAF sunglasses -Gold version: available this month @ The Men's Dept.
Hair: ISON: Heidi
Tank: Eater's Coma: Slashed Tank - nude
Jeans: ISON: Coated Denim - gray