Thursday, November 14, 2013

Shoetopia 2013: Let's Talk about Shoes!

OMG, It's almost here and I am so excited.  I have been dreaming of shoes for months now as one of the committee members of Shoetopia 2013 and I can promise that you will not be disappointed. It's been a few years since we've had a shoe fair of this proportions and so much has changed. Mesh was in it's infancy, Slink feet were in their 1st generation and none of us tossed around the words "applier" and "add-on" like we do these days, we had not been blessed with Gos' genius skin matching and color+ systems.  Shoetopia is going to spoil and thrill you.

I'm not going to go into a huge description of the event as photos and maps are on the offiicial Shoetopia 2013 blog, so let me give you the skinny:  Shoetopia is composed of 2 sims (both equally amazing).   The layout is in a circle with landing point in the middle as well as sponsor stores. To the left and right of the landing point are gacha machines that are full of tons of things from a variety of top designers. On the edges of the circle are all the other shoe booths.  The two sims connect by a walkway.

The adorable T-straps are a new release from League and are made for Slink Medium Feet.  Incidentally, they can be sized down to fix your SL feet but the fit will not be perfect.  They also include a hud to change the metal textures.  I'm also showing a few of the gacha items from Shoetopia and darling new releases from coldLogic and Wasabi Pills.

Shoes: League: Vintage T-Bar Pumps for Slink Medium Feet: New Release for Shoetopia
Chairs: junk.: juju chair sample: gacha items at Shoetopia (the chairs do not have all the same poses!)
Dress: coldLogic: Golding Coat: New Release (includes optional shirt and skirt layers)
Stockings: Miamai: Ombre Stockings: gacha item at Shoetopia (Slink appliers included)
Nails: MaVie: LesVernis nail appliers: gacha item at Shoetopia (items for both hands and feet)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Mila Hair: New Release

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