Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Geeks'n'Nerds: I Qualify

So, I've had fun thinking about what qualifies me as a geek or nerd.  I'm generally not one to overshare but I got to thinking about my obsession with gas pumps in SL.  If I see one, it must be mine.  In RL I'm not a car aficionado but there is just something about them that pleases me here.  Quite a few of my friends have asked me...like..."Eden, why do you have a gas pump in your house?" and I have no explanation they could understand.  It's just one of those things.
The Geeks'n'Nerds Fair is simply, fun.  It's lighthearted and makes me laugh at our human condition.  Plus the offerings are A++.  These are a few of my favorite finds!

From Geeks'n'Nerds:
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Maya: LOVE!
Shirtdress: Ison: Embossed Sweater: awesomely comes with a hud that allows you to change the texture of the blouse underneath!
Poses: Sari-Sari: I <3 Books: very clever and a darling set
From Shoetopia:
Boom: Fair Isle Wool Mukluks: Gacha Machine!
From My Attic:
Skin: Idiosyncrasy: Natasha II: It's Cold Outside!: Dood, Awesome skin that comes with every applier known to man for less than 100 L.  Love it, Ash <3
Turkey: *UI*: Wearable White Turkey: he talks but you can shut him up which makes his company much more agreeable.  My new bff.  Free in The Jerky Turkey Hunt: TY to Virtual Vagabond for the tip!!!
Gas Pumps: from the collection (left to right)
FMA: GAS POMP max: store now gone :(
Organica: Broken Gas Pump
BERDAV Marine: PRIMOIL Fuel Pump DIESEL: Free! TY again to Virtual Vagabond for satiating my fetish.
ILO: Gas Heater: from a gacha!
Vignette: 1920's Gas Pump: everything here is free!
POST: Rural Gas Tank

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