Friday, October 4, 2013

The Men's Department: Talk Nerdeh to Me

The October round of The Men's Department (TMD) opens Saturday!  The event will be even bigger beginning this month with 40 participating designers, all who use original content. Most of the decor and some of the things I am wearing are new items for The Men's Department.  My cute bloomers aren't from TMD (bummer, right) but another cute item I got at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.  They are from Yasum and the bracers and the bloomer itself are separate items available in all sizes so you can get the right fit for your avatar.  The Jade hair from Wasabi Pills includes a hud to change the headband color and is available at this month's FaMESHed round.  It's a really fun mid-length style.

I absolutely fell in love with Sorgo's Steam glasses which are available in Wood/Earth/Black (gold) colors at The Men's Department.  The glasses include both sunglass and regular lenses.  Also, if you find you cannot get enough of them, there are a white pair available at the main store in LIMITED quantities so I will include a link to the store as well in credits.  Ispachi item for TMD are the brilliant Attero Headphones and Music Player.  The set includes 3 versions: Head, Neck and Hand attachments as well as a fully integrated HUD that controls the color, size, and shine control.  The Headphones come in 15 base colors and 8 metal textures, as does the Music Player, which also has 8 LED options.  Sweet.  Deco has some badass Duck boots at TMD.  They come in 3 different colors and include both small and large sizes.
There are also some fantastic decor items at October's TMD.  Culprit's Leather Wingback chair is lush with it's aged leather effect so that it looks like it's been a well loved reading chair.  It includes animations for both genders (and no, this is not a lady animation).  Eleventh Hour's Hinge Shelf is a great set of shelves held on each end by ladder scaffolding for a nice industrial effect for any decor. The large photo space can be edited to hold your own photos but I kinda like the photo of River Stromfield.  Cheeky Pea's Driftwood Silhouettes just make me LOL, with iconic cutouts of Bigfoot, Nessy, a shark and a platypus, perfect for all the big, tough burlymen of SL.  Floorplan's funny Mustache Marquee let's you chose between 9 different color choices, some with various levels of aged effect for a nice vintage feel.  I can't wait to see what else is there when it opens Saturday, October 5.

The Men's Dept:
Glasses: Sorgo: Steam Glasses - black gold
Headphones: Ispachi: Attero Vintage Futuristic Headphones
Boots: Deco: Legends: Duck Boots - Dirt
Floor Shelving: Eleventh Hour: Hinge Shelf
Cut-Outs: Cheeky Pea: Driftwood Silhouettes
Mustache: Floorplan: Mustache Marquee
The Fantasy Gacha Carnival:
Bloomers: Yasum: Babes Romper - #1
Planter: Eleventh Hour: Pumpkin Planter
Wasabi Pills: Jade Hair - Golden
Skin: LAQ: Ebba - Fair
Large Bookshelf: Lark -  Imaginarium Librarium - Sage (Sept Arcade)
Side Table and Misc Library Decor: Post
Hanging Bulbs: 7
Lamp: Artilleri - Tampa Table Lamp
Ladder: we're CLOSED: old Ladder dark (Group Gift!)

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