Monday, October 7, 2013

Greetings from Charlevoix

I live in Michigan, which gets a really bad rap because our economy, which has been over-reliant on the auto industry, has really suffered.  However, I grew up on the west side of the state, i.e. not Detroit, less than a mile from Lake Michigan.  It is idyllic most of the year though the weather can be harsh.  There are so many great decor items and some can be had for a song.  The Nest has 18 items to be found as well as a few new dollarbies from floorplan.  All you need to add is imagination.

From The Nest's Halloween Hunt:
Piano: +sanctuaire+ : Reclaimed Piano Bookcase - Gypsy
Hand Chair: [ Organica ]: Caress Hand Chair (red) - one of 3 colors
Cabinet: [Noble]: Harvest Time Cabinet
Chair: Cleo Design: Mystery Chair
Owl: Thistle: Owl Ceramic Biggie (cm)
Lanterns: Sway's: Paper Lantern [lampion] candy corn / string
Bowl: (on top of piano): Cleo Design: Halloween Candy Apples
Crate of Pumpkins: 11th Hour: Pumpkin Storage Crate

Wine Bottles: floorplan: pumpklin bottles and ghost bottles - 1 L each
Plate: floorplan: nevermore plate - 1 L each
Shed: POST: Toimi Pole Shed
Star Light: POST: Ely Roadside Star
Wagon: artilleri : Old wagon (with pumpkins)
Tall bucket of Apples: artilleri
Spigot / small bucket of apples: POST: Old Spigot with Apple Bucket
Hay Bales: Botanical: Rectangle Hay Bale
Crates: 7: Lab Crates
Pumpkin Planter: 11th Hour: @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival
Sign: 7: Portable Marquee @ The Men's Department
Bench: POST: Nisswa Pine Bench
Table: Lark: Dessert Table
Tins: vespertine: cookie tin/butter cookies
Apple Juice: vespertine- apple juice basket
Birch Trees: Deco
Conifers: Tree House Designs

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