Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mon petit chou

I write this post with a rather huge sense of guilt.  I have been so slammed with things in both RL and SL and I have been dying to show Cane Sutter's adorable petite mesh avatars.  She so kindly shared them with me about a month ago and I simply have not had time.  They are beyond adorable.  I was kind of a mesh late bloomer until Firestorm released it's latest viewer but I manage on it just about as easily as I have previous old favorites.  The petite mesh craze started out at Yabasuka and now the Yabu sim has a huge store with avatars, outfits, accessories, ao's, you name it, for these darlings.  Cane Sutter of Skinthesis has a huge selection of little mesh people to chose from...I am showing just a sample that I just adore.
The TinyDolly avatar is a precious little babydoll all done up in a flapper style.  You can chose between a new doll or include joints and/or cracks.  In the photo on top you can see the delicate cracks on her face.  It also includes hair in 2 colors as well as the sweet poppet outfit and doll key (that works).
The little fawn is a precious little woodland creature.  The set includes bare and modest coverings (I am wearing modest) that cover up her little bits.  This cutey comes in a few different color options.  I just need some panpipes.
If you prefer to go a bit more mainstream for a petite, Cane has a huge selection of avatars called Dualities.  They come in 24 different color options. I am showing the Shell tone but you can go green or red or dark.  She comes with an outfit but I chose to wear Cane's Lick of Frost outfit, particularly because the wings are fabulous.  This is a perfect petite for dress up.  I added Wasabi Pill's Monique hair in a petite version because it was too adorable.

Thank you again, Cane, for sharing these with me.  I now have a new addiction :)

The Petite Avatar Kingdom on the Yabu sim has oodles of cute items from several merchants and it seems to be growing daily.  The slurls below will be to the main store of each creator.
Avatars: Skinthesis:  All Petite Mesh avatars shown
Outfits: Skintheses: All outfits shown
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique Petite Mesh Hair

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

FFL: Get Over There!

Today is the last official day of Fashion for Life for 2012 so if you have not, please go and buy one of everything.  FFL is SL's largest fundraiser and benefits Relay for Life.  This year's Chairperson, Harper Beresford, amongst others, has given countless hours to the event and so much effort has been made for the shopping experience to be pleasant.  The 10 themed sims are all unique and some are spectacular.
I am showing a number of items using Miamai's Lilli dress as a backdrop that can be picked up at FFL, all of which 100% of the proceeds benefit Relay for Life.  Most stores will be taking the special vendors back to their main stores if you do not make it to the event, but the event gives you a chance to see many at once as well as see participants newest releases.
Loue is one of Miamai's newest releases.  Not exactly gown length but more of a maxi ballerina it features an elegant feathered collar piece that adds so much chicness.  You can find it right now at Miamai.

Credits: FFL Slurls will denote Sim location
Dress: Miamai: Lilli - Fine Day @ FFL (my favorite sim!)
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai: Zarah - Winter@ FFL
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Nadine Pump Violet @ FFL
Hair: MINA: Kim @ FFL
Skin: Katsuicide: Laura @FFL
Dress: Miamai: Lilli - Love @FFL (see above)
Necklace: U&R Dogs: Repetitor Necklace @ FFL
Purse: Duh!: Minibag Cherry @ FFL
Skin: Katsuicide (see above)
Shoes: Duh!: Dolly Pumps @ March Zombie Popcorn
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique2
Dress: Miamai: Loue @FFL (see above)
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Nadine Pump Teal @ FFL (see above)
Hair: INK: Emo

all poses by Adorkable

Thursday, March 15, 2012

FFL: Mash-up

I am playing catch-up again on posting but I hope my excuse is allowed.  I have been working all week at Laughfest, which is a huge event in my city that raises funds for Gilda's Club, that provides support and education to people in the midst of cancer or the grief journey.  Research has shown that laughter is indeed good medicine and it has been a great honor to be involved.  I am a big supporter of FFL because I love how we in SL can also come together and provide help to worthy causes.  There is a huge perception that SL is a one big sex orgy, which is certainly there if you wish to partake, but I am entranced by the creative possibilities, especially when it helps others.  FFL is one of the big shopping trips I take each year (one of - lol) and thus I am showing a variety of items available, spiced up with Wasabi Pill's new hair releases and the occasional item from my huge collection of stuff.
It's hard to believe that only last year there was no mesh because it has so much steam behind it on the grid.  In each of my sets there is more than one mesh item and I am such a fan of it, especially for it's fluidity.  In the top collage I am wearing the Mari mini from Kim.  The prim skirt is mesh and comes in two versions.  There is a regular prim skirt for those of you who are not using mesh, but I can say that my range of movement was more restricted in the non-mesh version. The leather jacket from LaPoint & Bastchild is not mesh but uses the resizing system that I adore from their boots and I can see the practicality of it in a non-mesh format.  I am a fan of Je Suis and picked up both the eternelle necklace and earrings at FFL.  They are incredibly versatile pieces and all parts of it (stones, metal and band) are color change. All my hair is from Wasabi Pills, whom I think is heads and tails above others in creating one fantastic mesh style after another.

The outfit in the middle photo is a new release from Vanita's Vesture.  SarahTheRed Aurbierre is offering special editions of her upcoming Restless dress for FFL.  The top includes a blousy prim attachment but I was so in love with the mesh pencil skirt that I had to forego it and add a wide belt instead.  The mesh pencil skirt easily fit me and also includes a curvy version.  My avatar is slim to average in size though I have some junk in the trunk and strong legs but you will definitely want to try a demo since it is not based on standard sizing (I am usually a small using SS).  The jewelry is from Bliensen + MaiTai.  The Tick-Tock necklace is available in 3 different styles and the cute It's Time bracelet is Plurabelle's hunt item and includes adorable earrings.  The Nadine pumps are a cute new release from Baby Monkey and the metal studs on the back (which I forgot to shoot - sorry Pixie) are color changeable.
ArisAris, whom I was introduced to at the Back to Black event, has introduced mesh items at FFL.  The Balloon dress in chocolate comes in four sizes and includes a pretty brown bow that I did not add because I tend to be a rather strict adherent to limiting my number of accessories.  As Coco Chanel said, "A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant.”  The pretty Virginia shoes are also from ArisAris and I found the HUD to be user friendly with preset tones, as well as adjustment abilities and easy RGB entry.  The Suzie Q necklace from Bliensen + MaiTai is one of my favorite styles of hers and the earth version is available as a donation item at FFL.

As if I have not said enough, the skin I am wearing is different styles of Hush's Amy skin which is at FFL.  I had not worn Hush skin before and I really like it.  The skin is only available at FF and all proceeds will go towards charity.  Each skin includes 6 different skin tones, light and dark eyebrows, cleavage/no cleavage options and a modifiable shape (not shown).  At the booth at FFL there is a 200 L giftcard to Hush available for 25L and the FFL hunt item is a special version of her Paige skin in honey as well as another 200 L giftcard. I look forward to seeing more from Hush Darkrose.

Credits: (ALL FFL items are 100% donation items and FFL slurls will be to sim landing point)
Dress: Kim: Mari Mini - Red @ FFL
Jacket: Lapointe & Bastchild: S'Wear Drift Jacket - Black @ FFL
Jewelry: je suis: eternelle necklace @ FFL
Skin: Hush: Amy in KissMeBlue@ FFL
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kumi Pony : new release

Dress: Vanita's Vesture: Restless Dress - Tangerine @ FFL
Belt: Pacadi Jasha - store is now closed :(
Jewelry: Bliensen + MaiTai: Tick-Tock necklace: Sakura
                                              It's Time bracelet: hunt item - both @ FFL
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Nadine Pump - Antique Gold @ FFL
Skin: Hush: Amy Skin in Glossy Grape @ FFL
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique2: newer release
Purse: House of Fox: SteffaniLux tote

Dress: ArisAris: Balloon Dress Chocolate @ FFL
Shoes: ArisAris: Virginia Tan @ FFL
Necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai: SuziQ - Earth @FFL
Skin: Hush: Amy Skin in Sultry Sage @ FFL
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Kumi : new release
Bag: Pididdle: Anya Tote

Sunday, March 11, 2012

FFL '12: Vaughn's - Not a Tube Dress in Sight

I love Marleen Vaughn!  She does what she loves and always has.  She listens to her muse and won't compromise to reap the profit.  And she is really funny but I can't print most of that.  I've been kind of quietly fan-girling her ever since she had her previous store, Marly's and was happy to see her take on Fashion for Life!  She has a very eclectic collection at her FFL shop on Czas. (For those of you that have not looked at any other blogs and have no clue what FFL is, I will gleefully explain at the end of the post.)  Marls made some outfits, some hair, and some nifty furniture and decor, all of which have their own retro flair.  Marleen is donating 100% of the profits from her items as FFL to Relay for Life.

Pucci in my pocket is a damn sexy hot pink catsuit topped by a sculpted jacket.  The ruffled collar and the nifty little Pucci-esque scarf give it a great cosmopolitain flair that is fun to dress up with acessories like a great pair of sunglasses.
Marls also made the divatastic Swan Song hair, which comes in 4 basic shades and includes matching hair bases.  The Zarah earrings are from Bliensen + MaiTai and are also at FFL.  I will have to do my major homage to Plurabelle's offerings at the fair in a post real soon.
When Marleen dropped her FFL items on me and I saw a folder called "Floral Arrangement" I originally thought WTF because it just didn't seem very Marleen-ish to do a vase with flowers.  How foolish of me as her version of it is a mod long dress.  The shirt part is shown here with just one layer since this is high fashion, you know, but for a modest look just wear more layers and nobody will shun you.  In the background is the Atomic Bar and a robot toy that is part of a toy set or the Atomic Living set.  The bar and the stool cushions are color change as are complimenting pieces in the other parts of the set.  The bar is animated for bar tending or seating.
Marleen's True Grit hair is just wierd enough for me to LOVE it.  Like Swan Song, all four colors are included as well as hair bases.  For some reason I want to pretend I am Mrs. Robinson and play cougar when I wear it.
Fashion for Life runs for only 10 short days and is spread out over 10 sims so expect a rather lag free shopping experience.  Each designer has items where 100 % of the profits will be donated to Relay for Life.  Complete details as well as maps, slurls, information regarding hunts, raffles, gachas and other entertainment can be found on the official Fashion for Life website.

All Clothing, Hair and Furniture can be found at Vaughn's at FFL '12 Czas sim
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai: Zarah Earrings Winter - @ FFL '12 Epoch sim
Skin: Glam Affair: Eva Natural 06
Lashes: FlugeIn Brise
Shoes: Ison: Color Block Prism Pumps: exclusively @ Collabor88
Cigarette Pose: la petite morte

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kissing Frogs for Kouse

Kouse Singh is releasing a new gown that can be found at her main store tonight or tomorrow.  The Deseree Gown will be available in many rich colors; red and ocean are shown here.  It comes with 2 skirt options and is a perfect gown for RP but not so period in styling to be unfit for an evening of romantic dancing. 
The new Ginger hair is from my favorite maker of mesh hair, Wasabi Pills. It is available only at the March Mesh Madness event and though I consider it quite a hippie hair it worked well styled for an unlucky maiden.

Gown: Kouse's Sanctum: Deseree: new release
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Ginger: available this month @ March Mesh Madness
Skin: LAQ: Ebba
Nails: Mock: Candy Apple Mock Nails
Shadow: Cheap Makeup
Frog: Magnifique Poses: Prince Charming

Monday, March 5, 2012

Color Challenge: Avocado - Kiss This!

How I feel upon discovering that LL will no longer make data publicly available.  
BTW, this week's Color Challenge by Luna Jubilee is Avocado!
I used to be a pacifist and continue to be so but cutting us off from information does not endear you to me, LL.  Shame on you. 

Hair: BP: Tanken Helmet Ribbon / Braid: was part of hunt at Drowsy when it reopened 1/12
Jacket: Zenith: Kayle Khaki Jacket
Shirt: Pig: Plain Olivia
Shorts: Kyoot: Knit Micro Pants
Necklace: Bliensen + Mai Tai: Kiss Me, Alligator
Boots: Tigerclaw: TC Boots 2009 - old freebie
Skin: Glam Affair: Layla Light - My Sweet Vampire - old Zombie Popcorn prize
Makeup: Cheap Makeup: Sad Ballerina Lipstick and Lashes: at EPOCH (Clowning) event
Weapon: armed forces TC711- Assault Rifle: who knows where I picked this up :)