Tuesday, March 27, 2012

mon petit chou

I write this post with a rather huge sense of guilt.  I have been so slammed with things in both RL and SL and I have been dying to show Cane Sutter's adorable petite mesh avatars.  She so kindly shared them with me about a month ago and I simply have not had time.  They are beyond adorable.  I was kind of a mesh late bloomer until Firestorm released it's latest viewer but I manage on it just about as easily as I have previous old favorites.  The petite mesh craze started out at Yabasuka and now the Yabu sim has a huge store with avatars, outfits, accessories, ao's, you name it, for these darlings.  Cane Sutter of Skinthesis has a huge selection of little mesh people to chose from...I am showing just a sample that I just adore.
The TinyDolly avatar is a precious little babydoll all done up in a flapper style.  You can chose between a new doll or include joints and/or cracks.  In the photo on top you can see the delicate cracks on her face.  It also includes hair in 2 colors as well as the sweet poppet outfit and doll key (that works).
The little fawn is a precious little woodland creature.  The set includes bare and modest coverings (I am wearing modest) that cover up her little bits.  This cutey comes in a few different color options.  I just need some panpipes.
If you prefer to go a bit more mainstream for a petite, Cane has a huge selection of avatars called Dualities.  They come in 24 different color options. I am showing the Shell tone but you can go green or red or dark.  She comes with an outfit but I chose to wear Cane's Lick of Frost outfit, particularly because the wings are fabulous.  This is a perfect petite for dress up.  I added Wasabi Pill's Monique hair in a petite version because it was too adorable.

Thank you again, Cane, for sharing these with me.  I now have a new addiction :)

The Petite Avatar Kingdom on the Yabu sim has oodles of cute items from several merchants and it seems to be growing daily.  The slurls below will be to the main store of each creator.
Avatars: Skinthesis:  All Petite Mesh avatars shown
Outfits: Skintheses: All outfits shown
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Monique Petite Mesh Hair

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