Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Been One of Those Days

Actually, it's been one hell of a few years.  I am a single mom (widow) and have a fifteen-year-old son who is not navigating the teen years well. Things have recently gotten worse and have required a great deal of my attention.  I'm on SL less and less lately and when I do come on, it's usually to blog.  I love blogging and have been doing it for many years on Free*Style and this blog.  I do so because I love SL fashion; it's been an obsession of mine since I figured out how to leave Orientation Island and I have the inventory and transaction details to prove it.  However, right now my mind is elsewhere and I've decided to take a blogging "break".  A wise person once said to me "don't make any major decisions when you are under a lot of stress", so, I'm not sure what that will mean for me and blogging.  I've always disliked the title of my blog and kept meaning to switch and will probably do so when I'm ready to come back to steady blogging.  I will continue to post on Free*Style as well as run and manage the group with Sileny Noel.  I have a store to organize and open for Free*Style and I am months behind in doing so.  Therefore, I will still be around the things in SL that I love; just not at the pace I have done for the last year.  My mind and my heart are needed at home more than ever.  I thank all the designers that have entrusted me to show their work.  It has been a true honor and I do so hope you will have me back when I can give you all the attention you deserve.  Some of my favorite people made the items that I am using in this post.  They are talented, good folks.  Eden Knoller

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Izumi Mesh Hair for October FaMeshed
Shirt: Boom: Twenty-Three Tee - Fetish: new release - available in about a zillion colors and discounted in colour packs.
Shorts and Stockings: Erratic
Shoes: [HANDverk]: Western Ankle Boots - Ostrich/Pink for October FaMESHed
Skin: PXL: Faith NAT Pinkish: group gift
Electric Chair: FD Decor: partial mesh, animated and adjustable

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