Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware of Thorns

[HANDverk] has released the most spectacular, sexy mesh Rose jewelry and shoes for their guest appearance at September's Collabor88 event.  Daphne Klossovsky, who makes the wearable items for the brand, made her first pair of shoes, the Claw - Leo shoes for August's Zodiac event and since then has been creating several pairs of amazing shoes for various events around the grid.  Her items are far from average.  I've been around the grid for quite a while and while I love to score a deal, I have more than enough "stuff" and look for designs that are unique and particularly handmade. The items that [HANDverk] cranks out never ceases to thrill me.  The fact that the items are not outrageous in their pricing leaves me completely dumbfounded.
The items pay close attention to all parts of the rose, with the flower almost being an afterthought of the thorny stem, which is used so artfully in these designs.  I love the idea of walking on a dangerous, thorny branch...something that we can only do in fantasy, so why the hell not?  The earrings use the stem to thread though your earlobe so you are literally wearing the flower as art.  The necklace weaves the rose through a slender chain.  There are five color options to chose from and all are perfect for fall.
I got really behind in my blogging commitments during the last round of major event coverage and I wanted to make sure to mention Wasabi Pills Skye hair, which previewed at August's Zombie Popcorn event and is now at the main store.  I chose it because it reminded me of the [HANDverk] rose items with it's peaked top and mixture of tough and sexy.  I've become fascinated in the look of "weird" models lately.  Though I really am despising the current format on this seasons America's Next Top Model and can barely manage to sit through the show, they have talked about weird as a look for several seasons.  I've been tweaking Eden on this shape since I made it when I was lost on Orientation Island all those years ago and while she has maintained some characteristics that I love, like her flamingo legs and refined nose, I've been working on making her not as "pretty", which probably explains why men never talk to me and also why I so dearly love unique goods to enhance her.
If these designs intrigue you, I highly recommend that you check out [HANDverk] at the following events: Zodiac, FaMeshed, Collabor88 and L'accessoires as well as the Main location for beautiful, intelligent mesh design.

Shoes and Jewerly: [HANDverk] Rose: currently at September Collabor88
Lingerie: Fishy Strawberry: Desiderio - Purple
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Skye - Wild Honey
Skin: Curio: Vintage - Ritz2 - Sundust: currently closed
Poses: HelaMiyo and Glitterati

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