Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Fair: Fun in the Days of Consumption

I'm having a riot with some of my finds from Vintage Fair.  This year the fair allowed "antique" items into the fair, which are considered items pre-1920's.  My darling pal, Hempy Weezles, took a few shots with me in her fair ensemble but she has ill family members so I will update with her info and maybe a closeup shot when I can catch her.  I loved one of Shabby Chic's outfits.  Jordanna Hamaski of Shabby Chic has been around as long as I can remember and has always stayed true to her genre with this brand with vintage clothing, textures, and laces. My outfit (I'm the pale, sickly one) is from shabby chic and is a brilliant combination of sculpts, mesh and system layers.
The outfit includes a long skirt which you can see above and below but I love the bloomers, which match the mesh corset that has been embellished with laces and buttons.  I love how mesh just moves with the avatar and you can see how naturally the corset flexes in my pose above.  I accented the outfit with shoes and earrings from Bliensen + MaiTai.  The Shimmy-Sha-Wobble shoes come in a number of beautifully textured colors and are perfect for all kinds of vintage looks.  The Lilo earrings come in a number of colors and each color set includes 3 different metal textures.  I have to do a jewelry post soon because there is just so much jewelry that needs to be seen close up to appreciate.  The Adorable hair, another really nice style from Tuty's, features an attached updo and works great on it's own or with a hat.
Timelines had some of the nicest "antique"/early 20th Century accessories I saw at the fair...things that I didn't even have in my burgeoning inventory.  The delicate dress watch was a necessity for fashionable women since we didn't have our androids beeping all the date we could have needed.  (Even when I was growing up you needed a watch to function much as you need a cell phone now.)  The gorgeous Victorian Riding Topper is all decked out with bows, laces, feathers and a cameo jewel and is resize scripted.  It's just such a well made piece.  My skin is from GOLA, who had some of the most interesting skins at the fair.  Im wearing the Alice in Wonderland skin which was one of the more subdued, but was perfect for the very stark, almost sickly look I was going for.  I mean sickly in only the nicest way. The face is highly detailed and very unique.

Vintage Fair continues to run thru the 29th of August and is 3 gorgeous sims full of shopping pleasure. Please refer to the Vintage Fair map/slurl page for all items from the fair.  The rest will be slurls to the stores.

Dress outfit: Shabby Chic: Blue Calico Stays & Lacey shift
Skin: GOLA: Alice in Wonderland
Hair: TuTy's: Adorable - blue antracite
Earrings: Bliensen + MaiTai: Lilo Earrings - Pearl
Hat: Timelines: Victorian Ladies Riding Topper
Watch: Timelines: 1920's Ladies Dress Watch
Shoes: Bliensen + Mai Tai: Shimmy-Sha-Wabble - blue
Friends Pose: Sparrow Tree Studios: Timeless Beauties
Pose: Standing: Everglow: Girls

Fence Prop: Clutter: My little ass (pose in photo 2)
Birds: Happy Mood: Little Birds - ice blue
Lamb / Chicken: Neon Frog
Goose: maker unknown and I've had him forever

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