Thursday, February 9, 2012

Suzie Q & Back to Black

Lovely Plurabelle Laszlo from Bliensen & MaiTai has released a new jewelry set called Suzie Q that I absolutely adore.  It suits my penchant for things mod and structural.  I always try and figure out what is Plurabelle's source of inspiration when she creates but this time I've not a clue and that does not leave me any less satisfied with the results.  She has made the sets in 3 color sets which I've shown in the photos.  Her inworld group, Bliensen & MaiTai, which is free to join has a pair of Suzie Q earrings in a special color, which leaves me yearning for the rest of the set in those colors.

Chic Management is returning to it's roots with the Back to Black event which launches on February 11. The event is a mental health awareness event (not charity) that is thematic.  Designers were giving categories such as Survival, Hope, Fighter and asked to create at least one new item that was inspired by the theme.  The designers have included an informational notecard that sometimes discusses their own experiences with mental health/illness and Keira bravely shared part of her own story online. I have my own stories about this issue as well as an over 25 year career in the field, which I may share if so inspired.  Right now, however, I have a lot of ground to cover because there are so many great items offered at the event.
The Back to Black event has a wide variety of products in it's offering. It is not just female clothing. There are male items, skins, poses, prefabs, furnishings that should appeal to most sensibilites.  In the credits I will note which items are part of the Back to Black event as B2B.  The location will be available when the event begins so slurls will be to the designer's main store.

Jewelry - all photos: Bliensen + Mai Tai: Suzie Q - new release
Photo 1:
Dress: Sleeping Koala: Beaded Dress (B2B)
Skin: Vershe: Bianca Strength Skin - Olive (B2B)
Hair: Red Mint: Hair no.20: Group Gift: thank you!
Photo 2:
Dress: Kunglers: BTB Silk Dress (B2B)
Skin: Glam Affair: Linn - MedTan01
Hair: Nushru: Wayward Heart: I'm unsure whether Quiver has this hair out.  Her store is in a bit of a state of reorganization.
Photo 3:
Top: Nemeis: Friendship Bodysuit - Coffee (parts of it were used) (B2B)
Leggings: Sleeping Koala: Bandage Leggings (B2B)
Skin: Idiosycrasy: Imogen - Back to Black skin (B2B)
Hair: MINA: Yva (the fatpack is a wonder of colors and hair bases!) (B2B)


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