Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to Black: What Not to Wear!

It's becoming a bit of a tradition for me that whenever I'm officially covering an event or hunt or such in SL that I devote at least one post to non-wearable items.  These items are often not covered or get used at  part of background decor and it's turned out to be one of my favorite things to do.  It takes a long time to take all the shots and put them together into photo groups but I am lucky enough to have spare prims and I do love design so it's all good.  And, there is some darn good stuff at Back to Black. The shot above shows FD Decor's Esme sets in white and black.  Fallacy DeCuir spent a lot of time attending to details on these pieces.  On both sets the chair seating and pillows change color as well as have animations for both men and women and a reading pose (that includes a book).  The sound can be turned off on the fountain, the light turns off and on and the vases change color so you can be matchy or use contrasts.
I used Circa Living's "Into the Void" skybox as the settings for Fallacy's furniture settings.  Circa is the new brand by Cherelle Capra who has been around under the C&D Designs label for a good while and definitely knows what she is doing.  The dimensions are 30m x 32 m and is 54 prims with the tree being 13 prims.  The tree is coalesced so you can remove it if you wish.  It has a great open floor plan and thoughtful touches such as an sliding glass door that opens, spot lighting and accent windows that help make it nice and airy.
Tranquility Way Station offers the dear Tranquility Bookcase which has the words "Serenity, Courage and Wisdom" from the Serenity Prayer.  It is color change and the objects are coalesced.
Designer Prims also offers a nice skybox for the event.  It is partially furnished and also has some really cute details.  Each window is individually controlled and you can turn on/off the fireplace, sink and cooktop.  The wall decal which reads, "Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it." The sofa has multiple sit options for one or two people.  Information on use by landowners that might want to rez more than one home is also included.
*RnB Designs* offers the Serenity Set.  The total set is 60 prims but each item is separate so you can rez and much as you wish.  There are lots of special touches such as candles that turn off/on on the bookshelf, a lamp w/menu and a coffee giver on the display table.  The bench has 12 poses and seats up to 3 avatars.  The colors are nice and springy, just in time for the new season.
I've loved about everything Gin Galtier has ever made and the Yoga Studio she has made under the elafantu brand is nothing short of amazing.  It is soft linked so please rez it in build mode.  It is contained within a phantom orb so that it appears as if It is in a loft in an urban setting.  It is quite primmy but you can use as much or as little as you wish to create a personal serene settings.  All the mats have sequenced animations and the seats also have several options.  The details are splendid; if you are looking for something unique and peaceful, this is it!
I've become a huge fan of Hanaya since The Vintage Fair and her newest set, the Pine Lake Family Camping Trip, is so cool and offered at a discounted price at Back to Black.  One of the things I appreciate most about Hanaya's goodies is that it includes both an auto-rez version as well as a boxed set with individual items.  The set is jam packed with PG animations like playing the guitar, roasting marshmallows, hide and seek around the tree, sleeping and reading animations on the cots and so much more. It is perfect for SL families and reflects a leisure time away from daily stresses.

I feel I am missing some items.  Sometimes when I open boxes for an event they don't make it back to my blog folder and end up buried in my inventory.  Thank you to the clever designers who made such cool items for the Back to Black event.

Credits: in photo order, all available at the Back to Black event
FD Decor: Esme Sets - White and Black versions
CIRCA: Into the Void Skyhome
Tranquility Way Station: Tranquility Bookcase
FD Decor: Esme Vase - White - exclusive to B2B - the other vases do not turn white
Designer Prims: Comfort is Home Skybox
RnB Designs: Serenity Set
elefantu: Yoga Studio
Hanaya: Pine Lake Family Camping Trip

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