Friday, February 17, 2012

I really like this dress from ArisAris.  I wasn't planning on covering it for the Back to Black event but I saw another blogger in it and I was struck by how quite pretty it is.  There are lovely ethereal layers covering the skirt as well as the arm attachments.  I almost stuck wings on but I felt that was somewhat too expected.  I am still completely in love with the new hair from Wasabi Pills, Sybille, which comes in 2 versions because apparently MissAllSunday Lemon and Rouge Darcy could not agree on which version should be sold so both are available.  It is meshy loveliness, which I'm just now starting to purchase since Firestorm's new viewer does not lag me down as much as other mesh viewers tend to do (thank you!).
Aura has made new skins and Tyr Rozeboom has very generously given group members 2 different sets, each with 2 tones.  This one above is Briar - Berlin and below I am wearing Helena - Love Notes, which is in Paper, a group exclusive skintone (xoxoxo).
I adore the meshy awesomeness of MiaMai's Survive outfit.  It has the most wonderful corset that is cinched tightly. I feel a bit like a cancan dancer at the Moulin Rouge.  The tiled textures look so real on it and it is like nothing else I own which is a hard feat for a person with over 100 K in their inventory.  It is available in 5 sizes based on Standard Sizing standards.
Shag has a wonderful updo at Back to Black. I was drawn to it because of the optional rosary beads in the hair.  Those are color change.  I've my share of updos but this one is very versatile and can be kittenish or it has range.  Elemental offers a great lapis lazuli set. The bright color beads against the black are representative of how life can outshine the darkness.
Lassitude & Ennui offers the lovely meshy Flutter boots in 3 different colors. Each contains 4 sizes for all different kinds of leggies.  I was somewhat surprised that I liked the medium size best on me because I am not a large avatar so do demo if you can.  I remember Lassitude & Ennui from one of my first jewelry sets from the Free Dove and I'm thrilled to see another long-standing brand that keeps up with the technology.  I love the victorian feel of these boots and am going to have to get on some of my goodies from Silent Sparrow and see how they work!  Man, I love clothes!

Credits: (B2B indicates that the item is available at the Back to Black event)
Photo 1 and 2:
Dress: ArisAris: Rig25 Sprit - B2B
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Sybille2: new release
Skin: Aura: Briar - Berlin - group gift
Jewelry: Artilleri: Make a Wish Necklace - B2B
Ring: Pididdle: Gaudy Ring - Lost at Sea Sp. Ed.
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Ultimate Margot
Photo 3 thru 5
Dress: Miamai: Survive - B2B
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui: Flutter Boots - B2B
Jewelry: Elemental: Back to Black Lapis and Beads - B2B
Skin: Aura: Helena - Love Notes in Paper: group gift/exclusive tone
Hair: Shag: She Sells Santuary

Poses: Diesel Works: Polywall Prop

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