Saturday, July 30, 2011

Rain or Shine

I've been such a bad blogger lately but summer has pretty much taken over my life.  I've been dying though to show some looks with Wasabi Pill's newest hairs.  MissAllSunday Lemon (love the name) of Wasabi Pills is one of those designers that shows such amazing range.  When it comes to her hair I can honestly say that I like to wear the guy hairs as much as I do the femme styles.
In the above shot I'm wearing the Roy hair in Rye.  Most of the hair is gathered back into a short ponytail with enough messy tendrils to keep it from looking too severe.  When I took this shot Swansong was still having a big 50% off sale.  Regardless, the Java dress, which first premiered at Culture Shock, is so lovely.  I love the placement of the orchid textures on the skirt.
Pompom is definitely kawaii hair, with its adorable little texture change hair bow and pompoms on the pigs.  It includes a version without the bow for a simpler look.  I tend to go for the simpler look but Jacqui said she liked the bowed version better and in an effort to be more open to input I listened.  The Tropica Playsuit from Ingenue for the gacha fest at Albero was perfect for spending some time daydreaming on my estate.  It is available in several sweet colors at only 50 L per play.

Skin: Chain and Vine: Lael Group Gift: group is free to join and the skin is fab!
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Roy and Pompom
Dress: Swansong: Java Dress
Playsuit: Ingenue: Tropica Playsuit: 50 L a try at the Albero Gacha Fest
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Cindy and Ashanti
Hair Accessory: P1: Natural: Triste: Blue/White: OMG only 10 L!
Luggage: Natural: Gacha: also only 10 L per play
Picnic Set: Artilleri: recent FLF purchase

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