Thursday, September 23, 2010

Blogger Challenge: The Letter E

Jacqueline Cliassi recently proposed a blogger challenge chain involving the letters of the alphabet.  My friend Sileny Noel recently did the letter D and asked me to pick up the  letter E.  I enthusiastically said yes, thinking I could just wear all the things in my inventory named Eden.  Then I thought about it and decided that was too easy so I made sure that nothing I used was called Eden.  Then I got sick as a dog so here tis a bit late.  Nieve Thor is going to pick up the letter F and I am looking forward to her post.

Cajsa Lilliehook frequently shares her great list of in-world photo locations with the Fashion Bloggers group and I was very intrigued with the black and white version of New Orleans.  I used this as the inspiration for the post.  I like to use photos when blogging that do not contain backgrounds added in photoshop because I prefer a cleaner look so this one was a sure bet.  
What I'm wearing (head to toe):
Shape: Eden's shape: OK, I cheated and used my own shape
Hair: Exile: Bianca: Dark Brass
Skin: tres blah: Echo (from DU4)
Earrings/Necklace: Lazrith Fardel: Emerald Elven Jewelry set
Bracelet: Elizabeth Tinley (ET): Goblins on Parade: from Pieces of You Hunt: Sometimes she uses Frippery instead of ET but I like her stuff too much not to include it.
Gun: El'n: Frog Blaster - OMG this fabulous store is closing! Get over there now!
Nails: Exodi: Mani - Nude
Dress: Elate!: Sam Dress
Stockings: Elate: Lillie Tights Opaque: from Lillie outfit: OK, I tried not to repeat a designer but I'm still sick and got so tired of looking through my stockings!
Boots: J's: Engineer Long Boots: Black

The obligatory close-up shot: 
Thanks to Jacqueline for a fun challenge and to Sileny for entrusting me with the assignment <3

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hair Fair: Last Call

Hair fair ends on September 19th and I still need to get down there and finish shopping!  Fair warning right from the start.. this is a long post and let's pray the feeds abbreviate it.  Today's post is going to show some of my favorite styles from the fair.  I own thousands of wigs so this year I was drawn to styles that would round out my collection.  The hair slurls will be for the location of each shop at the fair.
Curio: Louise - awesome bob with just the right angles!
The Strand: Blossom: This hair is so freaking fantastic I might just marry it.
Wasabi Pills: Trent: it's dood hair. Do I care? Nooo!  What is there not to love?
The U-neek: 4defcb9:  I love Treebie!  She is one of a kind and I can only imagine how much time this hair took to make.
MIEL: Mojito: I was sorely lacking in short and hair is super straight in RL so I probably tend to wear the same thing in SL...but it's time to change it up!
Mina: Thulani: freaking amazing.  Hair band is texture changing. Sasha.  I always love for it's class and versatility.  The texture changing headband makes it rock.
Milestone Creations: Mad Hatter: Miranda, you really outdid yourself this year.  Eve did a post with a bunch of your hair already but I <3'ed this one too much to leave it out.
Exile: Venus: Great take on Bottichelli's painting!  I need a big shell to stand on so I can take pictures!
BC322: CxC2: always love some BC322!
Ivanka Akina: Magic Hair no. 23: Just because you are last does not mean I don't adore you!  I mean, who doesn't want to look like Gina Lollobrigida or Sophia Loren? The hair has 24 tones scripted as well as roses in the hair that are also scripted to show or remove.

Credits:  The other items were also used in the post
Skin: Atomic: Audri Cream: Vixen
Dress: Paper Couture: Gold Nests: just out. I about passed out from joy.
Jewelry: Deco
Skin Tint (U-neek photo): Adam n Eve: Colour Me Passion Pink

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hair Fair: Miamai

I am so insanely honored to be given the opportunity to review the new styles available at Hair Fair by Monica Outlander of Miamai.  These styles epitomize glamour and fantasy.  They are utterly unique and in a time where most of us are tightening our belt in RL, they provide a much needed opportunity to express our desires to go all out glam!
Miamai: Invicta Tail - Platinum Black - available also in Gold metals
Ganked: Shyayn Set
Skin: Laq: Tess2 (all photos)
Miamai: Never:  Headjewel is detachable for more versatility
Perturbation: Eden Necklace
Miamai: Ayana
Ganked: Black Tears Set
Miamai: Donna Updo: also available with platinum band
Jasha: Egyptian Queen Necklace: not currently available
Miamai: Anabae
Catnip: Penance Choker

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cucpakes: Sale of all Sales

I've always been a huge fan of Cupcakes.  I've shopped at Mimi Coral and Rosemary Galbraith's stores long before they merged into one big store of win.  In my opinion they really upped their game when they introduced the Daydream line of skins about a year ago.  Now you can get those very skins for  as low as 50 and clothing for no higher than 25 L as part of their huge sale.  Cupcakes is making some changes...streamlining their skin and clothing lines.  All items that will not be moving to the new store lines are being discontinued and are significantly marked down.  I'm going to show you some of the model bags that are available for only 250 L.  They are a great deal; you get several skin (sometimes in several tones) in an exclusive makeup, a shape (not shown here), eyes and at least one outfit.  The sale ends this coming Wednesday so you still have lots of time to pick up all the goodies for a remarkable price.  I have paired the model bags with some of my favorite hairs from Hair Fair (slurls will indicate location) as well as some lovely new releases from Baby Monkey.
Skin and clothing: Cucpakes:  August Model Bag - Elf.  Includes skin, matching ears, eyes, gown and shape.
Hair: lamb: Glass Candy
Skin and dress: Cupcakes: August Model Bag - Peacock.  Includes skin, eyes, outfit and shape
Hair: kik: Atmos
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Carmen
Skin and dress: Cupcakes: Almost Complete Avatar - Dahlia - includes 4 makeups, 3 eyes, dress, lingerie and shape
Hair: lamb: Heart
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Elizabeth
Skin and outfit: Cupcakes:  August Model Bag: Clownish:  probably my favorite.  Includes skin, eyes, outfit and shape.
Hair: The Stringer Mausoleum : RoboBambie
Shoes: Baby Monkey: Thetis

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hair Fair 2010: Rezlpsa

I've been showing a lot of the gifts at Hair Fair 2010 on Free*Style but what really excites me is all the amazing hair that you can get there beyond freebies.  Hair Fair 2010 is foremost a charity event that benefits Wigs for Kids, which creates wigs for children who have experienced hair loss, often due to chemotherapy.  Each designer must donate at least 50% of the proceeds to Wigs for Kids but many have donated more than one, some at 100 %.  We have seen how the generosity of designers and customers in SL have been able to have such a significant impact through donating to important charities and Hair Fair has always been a leader on that front.  

That being said, I shop for a lot more than the freebies at Hair Fair.  All of the hairs are NEW, never before released items.  It was a little bit of heaven to marvel at the creativity of so many amazing SL designers.  I am thrilled that the first designer I am going to show off is Rezlpsa Luckstone of Rezlpsa, who is making her debut at Hair Fair!  Her new designs are so fresh and pure and available in many different color combinations.  I've yacked enough; let's see her work!

Rezlpsa: Mary - an adorable ponytail style.  Fresh and a touch sassy!
Rezlpsa: Jane - 50% of the proceeds for this item benefit Wigs for Kids. It's a nice mid-length middle part style that I have found very difficult to find.  This one is awesome.
Rezlpsa: Harriet - a perfect little bob. It's a great length and very versatile. A lot like my hair in RL!
Rezlpsa: Eliza.  I remember when Rezzie was making this hair and the painstaking effort she made into perfecting it.  It come in 2 tones and also has color chunks for a bit of fun.  It is absolutely one of my favorites!

Thank you Rezzie for all your hard work.  You are a fantastic addition to the Hair Fair line up! Rezlpsa is located on Sim 4 of Hair Fair here.

Skin worn in all photos is Laq: Tess2

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Can you say Kawaii?

The adorable Hempy Weezles, designer and owner of ((RIPE)) is participating in the OMG That's Adorable gridwide sale where you can get all kinds of adorable items for 99 L or less.  Hempy has made two Kokeshi dolls.  One is a mini-avatar, which I show below, and the other is a doll for you to hold. Each is 99 L each.  I have very few alternative avatars but I am a sucker for cute tiny ones and this one certainly satisfies that craving.  If you want to see a list of participating designers as well as some photos check out .
((RIPE)): Kokeshi Doll Avatar: 99 L