Monday, March 9, 2015

Mystic Stallion

I found this horse on the Marketplace a while back. It has around 11 built in poses, and it's texture change. This color is just so mystical looking to me, for some reason, (or maybe I'm just weird.) it was an instant yay. Not to mention, I've always loved horses. When I was little, I told my mom I wanted one. She said, "but you don't have anywhere to keep it!", to which I replied, "YES I DO! I'll keep it in my bedroom!". I'm sure it goes without saying, that idea didn't work. I'm glad now though. If it had, I'd still be cleaning poo out of my carpet. :D

Anyway, when I found the horse, I instantly knew which outfit to pair it with for the photo. I found this dress at Fameshed many months ago. It's from Zenith. They also made the head wreath I'm wearing, which matched perfectly with the colors in the dress.  I think the style of the dress helps portray the innocent vibe I was looking for.

That's the beauty of Second Life™. You can become an innocent maiden, roaming through a whimsical forest, with a mystical horsie by your side. And the best part? You don't need a shovel!

Until next time! <3

Dress =  Zenith (Milk) Lana Long Dress

Head wreath = Zenith Grape Leafs Corolla

Hair = Exile::Pick Up LInes Natural Fusion

Skin = Izzie's - Qopi Skin Freckles Edition (blonde) TDRF

Necklace = GizzA - Boho Set [Stone]

Horse = :: Focus Poses Horse Girl 2 :: - Marketplace

Rezzed stuff =
Happy Mood
Forest Floor

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