Thursday, December 12, 2013

Wish You a Manly Christmas

So, we are celebrating Christmas at my brother's house this year. My brother, Dean, is a big imposing Harley guy with the heart of a marshmallow. Generally there would be a motorcycle in the middle of the living room, but he has a new house so I'm sharing a mental image of what I hope it looks like.  Sometimes men need cozy, too.

From The Men's Dept.:
Aria: Hiver sideboard cabinet: Touch options include texture change (color and stencil) and shadow effect
22769 ~ [bauwerk]:  Barrel Chair Green: available in green, red and blue. Includes 10 adjustable poses (animated and static)
From The Arcade
Trompe Loeil: Advent Calendar 2013: The tree calender itself is free to all.  Plays are only 25 L for a variety of adorable items.  The items I have rezzed include (left to right): Tree Candleholder, Branch Wreath, Dashing Through The Snow Chalkboard, Recycled Wood Photo Frame, Snowflake Pillow Bunch with animations (Seats 2, eight couples animations). Just rez the keys near the advent tree and the corresponding door opens and delivers the actual item.  The items are exquisite and it's kind of fun to see the door pop open with a mini replica of each item.
From FaMESHed:
Trompe Loeil: Holiday 2013 Hearth: available in 3 wood finishes and touch on/off fire; Holiday Couch: PG and Adult versions with 9 touch controlled color/pattern sofa fabric options and 8 pillow fabric options. About a zillion animated poses; 2013 Holiday Tree: available in 6 colors; each set includes 6 versions; perfect inside or outdoors.
Barnesworth Anubis: fancy pet feeder - KittyCats advent 2013: gift 1 of 25 lovely free gifts.  If you miss a day you can come back and get!  The KittyCat folks do such a lovely job with this event.
EmmePose: little grey kitty: attachable mesh prop from Meow pose reopening gift: TY TY
POST: Retro Coffee Table
Apple Fall: Chinese Takeout: old group gift
Sari-Sari: Weihnachtsteller: part of 4 Walls Hunt: 20L
Silent Sparrow: Rudolph Penant: free gift in store with the unmistakable artwork of hyasynth Tiramisu
Lisp: Assorted Gift Boxes: Transferable, but I could not bear to part with them!

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