Thursday, April 19, 2012

Danger was her Middle Name

I got a new gun!
Deco, maker of gorgeous jewelry and machine guns (and other amazing sculpted items), has released a new Muffler Rifle.  I tend to be more of a tree hugging pacifist so I don't know a lot about guns but this one is street legal and operational, including a removable muffler, custom animations, effects and semi/full firing modes.  No need to fear stalkers and ex-partners with this baby!

Also, true to her gothy roots of cuteness, Ghanima Uriza has released a cute new short dress.  It is accented by a lacy bodice and a nice pop of color trim.  It includes gloves and stockings (not shown).

Weapon of choice: Deco: Muffler Rifle: New Release
Dress: Blue Blood: Nicky - Red: New Release
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Annette2: Newer Release
Jacket: LaPointe & Bastchild: S'Wear Drift Jacket
Boots: LaPointe & Bastchild: Stiletto Knee Boots
Skin: Curio: Pout - Tantrum

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