Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Day After the Day We All Missed the Sweetheart's Dance

Word is there were many sticken, sad faces across the grid when the Sweetheart's Dance at Lula went down in a big crash.  But fear not, faithful shoppers, much goodness and exclusivity remains available today.  My keen nose for freebies rarely fails me and pointed me immediately in the direction of Ooh Lala! Funky Hearts Lingerie and Pin by Nylon Pinkney.   Many items at the sales event can be described as "messy" so it leaves me to wonder if the dark shading on the panties is the "funky" used in naming the set.  All you girls know what I mean.  Anyways, I like them and anything where I can wear a sculpted heart on my head always makes me happy.
I love lingerie but sadly don't tend to wear it during my two main passions: shopping and sorting my mess of an inventory, but I could not resist also the fetching Crystal Canyon Set from my favorite valentine, Ms. Apatia Hammerer from Pig.  Appy has an amazing eye for funny details which I adore.  Even the back of the bra has amazing clasps but cooking dinner for my eating machine 13 year old took precedence over more shots.  I paired it with the lovely Journey set from Aluinn as I thought it drew out the bow on the bra!
There are so many exclusive items from many of your favorite, trendy and insanely popular designers.  So hurry on by!

Hair: lamb.: Mess: available at the Sweetheart event
Skin: tres blah: Blessa: Fair: Hot Mess: available at the Sweetheart event
Lingerie 1: Ooh Lala!: Funky Hearts & Heart Pin: FREE: available at Sweetheart event
Lingerie 2: Pig: Crystal Canyon: Pink Pink: available at Sweetheart event
Jewelry: Aluinn: Journey set (earrings also available)
Stockings: Thimbles: Pink Heart Stockings: quite ancient
Boots: DECOmpose: Roughneck Boots